[QUOTE]: Floor Speeches by Rep. Gallego & Rep. Schweikert

QUOTE Congressional Floor Speeches About FAA’s NextGen Failure in Phoenix…
(click on image to view Rep. Gallego's website)

(click on image to view Rep. Gallego’s website)

“…imagine that all of this discomfort was both needless and avoidable; that it was caused by out-of-touch bureaucrats who rerouted major flight paths over your community without bothering to consult the people that live there….”

(click on image to view Rep. Schweikert's website)

(click on image to view Rep. Schweikert’s website)

“…they’re arrogant, they don’t return calls, we point out the fact that they’re violating last year’s law … and they just grin at you, and then walk out of the meetings with this sort of arrogant vanity….”

These are some of the best floor speeches yet by Congressional representatives. To view the video (under 5-minutes) and read the transcript, click HERE.