[QUOTE]: Heathrow Activists are ‘Modern Day Freedom Fighters’


“…rather than seeking to manage demand, our government, like most others, aims only to meet its own inflated forecasts. It claims that the 219m passenger journeys through the UK’s airports in 2011 will rise to 445m by 2050, and it hopes to build enough capacity to accommodate them….”

– George Monbiot, writing for theGuardian.com

One of the leading climate activists in the UK is George Monbiot. He also understands the significant (and growing) impacts by aviation, and the unfortunate fact that today, nearly all governmental agencies are captured and serving industry, not the people. He understands that gross imbalances have evolved, where capacity is always expanded to accommodate corporations, while impacts against local quality of life are always ignored.

These concerns are well articulated in his 1/20/2016 article, ‘The Heathrow ‘Hooligans’ are Our Modern Day Freedom Fighters’.

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