[QUOTE]: NBAA’s Scare Tactics at Santa Monica


“…If the one percent are denied the perks and privileges they’ve got used to, including Santa Monica’s airport, they’ll strike back at the most basic services its citizens rely on. We’ll see how the Council responds to this threat on March 22nd…..”

– Gavin Scott, in a March 5th video update at Airport2Park.org

On February 5, 2016, the primary lobbyist for U.S. business jet operators, NBAA.org, filed yet another Part 16 complaint at FAA. This is part of the ongoing delay tactics used by FAA and aviation interests  – aka, the Av-Gov Complex – to thwart local citizen efforts to manage their local airports. In their letter to the Santa Monica mayor serving this latest filing, NBAA asserted that the City’s fight for local control of the airport “…may lead to severe sanctions, such as the termination of all federal transportation grants to the City.” Thus, NBAA.org was implying that the Big Blue bus system, used by the elderly and many other Santa Monicans who do not even own cars, is at risk if individuals are not granted unlimited jet access to the airport.

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