Remarks by Petitioners Nationwide

UPDATED 9/21/2015
Here are roughly 140 comments submitted by more than 300 citizens who signed the ‘Reduce Aviation Noise’ petition, as of 6:00am PDT on 9/21/2015. They are sorted by location. Names are viewable at the petition website….
PHOENIX, AZ I live in Phoenix, AZ and the flight path changes made here in September of 2014 have negatively impacted my family. We are forced to sell our home because the FAA refuses to do anything about the extreme noise impact they created with these flight path changes.
PHOENIX, AZ Flights from Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix, AZ were re-routed in 2014 over my historic neighborhood, affecting property values.
LAKE ELSINORE, CA We’re sick of the incessant small airplane noise that now flies over our backyard, especially on the weekends. It was so nice and quiet here in Canyon Hills, CA when we bought this home in 2004. Now it is noisy and annoying with the skydiving plane flight paths and other private planes all flying the same path above our neighborhood.
LAKE ELSINORE, CA Concerned about the excessive noise caused by skydiving airplanes over our once quiet neighborhood. They are negatively impacting homeowners’ rights to peaceful enjoyment of their homes.
LOS ANGELES, CA The FAA is deaf to local communities and this needs to change from a congressional standpoint.
LOS ANGELES, CA We live very close to Santa Monica Airport (SMO). The noise level from the jets is unbearable as well as the dangerous fumes and fall out from the jets that fly over us and idle waiting for take off approval from LAX. The fumes from the idling planes are coming right at us. The airport would not be able to build an airport there today as the runway is too close to many homes. The FAA has turned a deaf ear to our pleas for help. The health of many of our neighbors have been adversely affected by the above mentioned injustices.
LOS GATOS, CA I’m a nextgen flightpath victim 60 mi from airport being tortured by FAA.
SANTA CRUZ, CA Excessive noise is bad for your health. We are suffering too in Santa Cruz County, CA from the implementation of a Nextgen route out of nowhere!
SANTA MONICA, CA I’m signing because of aircraft noise problems that have gone unadressed in my neighborhood/area.
SANTA MONICA, CA The noise of private jets is wrecking our neighborhood.
SANTA MONICA, CA As a member of the Santa Monica Airport Commission, a USAF pilot with more than 7,000 hours of multi-engine jet time, and an aviation safety consultant (to the FAA) – the FAA has run amok, a prime example of regulatory capture by special interests who trash public goods and cause harm and death to innocent residential bystanders.
SANTA MONICA, CA I’m signing because me and my family suffer from airport noise and pollution near our home.
SOQUEL, CA We should all have EIR’s done for our communities before the airplane noises move into the neighborhoods.
SOQUEL, CA The FAA is unresponsive to all the citizens throughout the country who have experienced a compromise in quality of life due to air traffic noise. In Santa Cruz California incessant noise created by new highways in the sky replaces the sound of owls and crickets. I also invite signers of this petition to sign the NoFlyDay pledge It is time for the FAA to be responsive to the people.
WOODLAND, CA Mile High Skydiving in Longmont, CO abuses Longmont citizens by having a constant drone of their twin-otter planes over neighborhoods.
BOULDER, CO Operations such as Mile-Hi Skydiving create noise in a repeated pattern, all day long. This noise is not the same as for a plane that just takes off and flies away, or one that flies overhead and is gone quickly.
BOULDER, CO I support that the noise generated by Mile High Skydiving Operations from the Longmont Airport is intolerable to the homes in their area.
BOULDER, CO Citizens should have control over the noise above their homes and have it be limited to a reasonable level. The current levels are not reasonable. One can choose to buy a home away from a highway, a busy street, or an airport for peace and quiet yet they have no control over what flies overhead. The FAA must consider the impact airplanes have on the residential areas. It is unfair that citizens have no control over this.
BOULDER, CO We are personally affected by excessive airplane noise from skydiving planes.
BOULDER, CO I am overwhelmed with the amount of air traffic noise I am subjected to each day. Additionally, on behalf of the wildlife that can’t sign, please note this is signed with them in mind as well.
ENGLEWOOD, CO I live within 2 miles of the north end of the active runway of Centennial Airport. The FAA prevents relief.
ENGLEWOOD, CO We live less than two miles from the north end of the active runway of Centennial airport. The FAA has continually blocked a proposal in favor of a 10 degree departure heading from this runway, first proposed as part of an initial Part 150 study many, many years ago. They will not allow the automated noise gathering system to identify aircraft that show up on the Flight Trak software available to the general public and expressly refuse to allow any noise gathered identification for any sanctions of any bad actors, that remain the major part of the severe noise problem problems at Centennial. I would disagree with banning flights over parks, as the 10 degree departure proposal would route flights out over Cherry Creek Lake State Park. I certainly would rather waken the deer and coyotes than my family at 5:00 am, as we were recently.
LONGMONT, CO Airplane noise in my area has increased exponentially in the past year and there is no regulation. It is having a huge negative impact on the quality of life at my home, and in our city.
LONGMONT, CO My neighborhood is greatly affected by the noise of the airport operations. The aircraft the skydiving company chooses to use are among the noisiest that operate from the airport especially when taking off. These regulations are a critical first step needed to bring relief to all those impacted by airport operations across the country.
LONGMONT, CO The sky diving operation is a nuisance at best and LOUD, LOUD, LOUD all weekend long at worst. He’s a LOUSY neighbor and has openly MOCKED anyone daring to complain. How does he get away with this?
LONGMONT, CO The airplane drone noise over our neighborhood during sky diving season is relentless. They need to find new patterns or go to a less populated area . We live in the country for peace and quiet and this can be very intrusive.
LONGMONT, CO The sky diving planes at the Vance Brand airport in Longmont, CO create excessive noise in the surrounding neighborhoods from dawn till dusk. The news reports say they fly over unincorporated Boulder County when in fact the flight path is over thousands of homes in Longmont proper.
LONGMONT, CO I’m signing because I’m fed up with the constant noise from Mile Hi Skydiving’s operations over our house. A noisy airplane that takes off and flies away is one thing, but the noisy planes used by Mile Hi take off, circle around as they gain altitude, drop off their divers, fly back down, and do the whole thing over again, all day long.
LONGMONT, CO I am signing because the FAA has designated a one square mile fly box for training and acrobatic planes exclusively over my privately owned ranch property a full six miles north of the Vance Brand Airport in Longmont, Colorado. The constant noise and harassment is inexcusable. These pilots unnecessary recreational endeavors are destroying the peace, privacy and health of our neighborhood, home, family and riparian zone ecosystem.
LONGMONT, CO I am tired of constantly being bombarded with inconsiderate planes that buzz our farm and continually fly over at all hours without any consideration to those of us living here in Longmont near the airport. If we call to complain, we are met with resistance and “there is nothing we can do” responses. It is time for change and laws that keep them accountable.
LONGMONT, CO Noise pollution has been identified by the American Academy of Sciences (2011) as a source of pollution significantly impacts the quality of life and ability to thrive for millions of people. Mile high Skydiving and their use of twin otter airplanes has been particularly egregious in the way they operate in Boulder County. They have not been open to compromise and work with neighbors to reduce their impact in this area! Please use our tax dollars to quiet the skies and give us some peace in our own back yards!
LONGMONT, CO I am directly affected by the Mile-Hi Skydiving airplane noise.
LONGMONT, CO This petition affects me personally, for I live in Longmont, CO and deal with the airplane noise daily.
LONGMONT, CO The non-stop noise pollution of the sky dive jump planes flying over my house and neighborhood needs to be addressed in a way that reduces the amount of time and days that the company can operate so I and others can enjoy a little peace and quiet and actually hear each other speak.
LONGMONT, CO I’m signing because the citizens of Longmont Colorado are subjected to excessive noise from a skydiving operation at our local airport, and the airport proprietor, the City of Longmont, feels it is powerless to protect us with reasonable regulations. They feel their hands are tied with FAA Grant Assurances and other FAA regulations. We need relief from this government agency’s authority pre-empting local control over quality of life issues.
LONGMONT, CO I’m signing because I am directly affected by the skydiving operations out of Longmont, CO. Mile-Hi Skydiving flies 3 concurrent planes and produces continuous noise, which you cannot escape. You hear the droning in the house with windows closed, and even when you are downstairs in the underground basement. You hear it at our parks when we mountain bike and hike. The noise disrupts my quality of life.
LONGMONT, CO I support this petition because the intrusiveness of the Mile Hi Skydiving planes is abusive. The city of Longmont has noise ordinances against landscapers making too much noise and confines the hours of operations for those businesses but turns a blind eye to Mile HI and largely encourages them to operate excessively loud planes at all hours of the day and night.
LONGMONT, CO I’m tired of not being able to use my own back yard on weekends in peace.
LONGMONT, CO Being in my 70’s, I’ve seen plenty of business and government trampling on our rights in search of the mighty dollar. But having a couple of Twin Otters climbing continuously overhead, courtesy of Mile-Hi Skydiving in Longmont, Co., is a public nuisance if there ever was one.
LONGMONT, CO I live at a significant distance from the Longmont Airport, yet I’m apparently in the flight box. Though my windows remain shut for health reasons and the air inside is protected with an electronic whole house air cleaner, I can still hear the noise from the Mile-Hi planes . Just after a specific flight ends and nerves begin to settle down, yet another of their planes flies over. Please show us some respect.
LONGMONT, CO people living under the flight box of a jump plane are also entitled to peace and quiet at their homes.
LONGMONT, CO The drone of the Skydiving Plane aka Twin Otter is ruining the peace and quiet that I had at my rural home for 8 years. It is every weekend and especially on the holiday weekends, and sometimes during the week. I bought this property for the peace and quiet and it is no longer giving me that.
LONGMONT, CO Planes fly low above our farm in Colorado and ruin the peace and tranquility we’d hoped to find there.
LONGMONT, CO Our neighborhoods and open space are being bombarded by a sky diving business that runs two -three times an hour … everyday … the company says they want to be good neighbors but they continue to run maximum number of flights with no moderation/consideration, for the areas they fly over … and making big $$$ doing it.
LONGMONT, CO I’m tired of the incessant noise from Mile-Hi Skydiving’s Twin Otters near Longmont’s small airport. There are many solutions to this particular problem but the operator has chosen to ignore our pleas for relief. I hope this petition will result in a change in the FAA’s willingness and ability to manage aircraft noise, specifically enabling local citizens to deny access to specific aircraft based on noise characteristics.
LONGMONT, CO I and my neighbors are directly affected by the abusive flying behavior of Mile-Hi Skydiving in Longmont, CO. We never get peaceful weekends or holidays in nice weather. The skydive planes start early in the morning and fly until late in the evening…often 12-14 hours per day. This is an unbearable noise nuisance. The noise penetrates the house…there is nowhere to escape it on our property.
LONGMONT, CO I am greatly affected by the sound of noisy jump planes over our home in Longmont CO. For years I did not know that the sound was from a commercial operation; I believed that ONLY a military operation could impose on our peace in that fashion.
LONGMONT, CO We have lived on our small farm for 30 years and can no longer enjoy our quiet rural setting because of the 12+ constant hours of noise created by Mile He Skydiving . Local residents and authorities MUST have the option to out regulations and limits in place for the peace of the residents.
LONGMONT, CO My quality of life is severely impacted by nearly continuous noise from skydiving operations at a local airport.
NIWOT, CO sick and tired of the noise
ZEPHYRHILLS, FL This is ridiculous. It shouldn’t even have to be said.
TETONIA, ID This issue affects me even in the very rural (and formerly quiet) Teton Valley Idaho. The noise is nearly constant in the mornings on clear days and the commercial aircraft that doesn’t land here is so much worse this year. Now that I understand they are using the same “highways” which apparently is right over my property it makes sense. We used to have maybe one loud flight a day in summer, now it’s nearly constant in the morning hours and picks up again in the late afternoon.
CHICAGO, IL We live 13 miles from O’Hare airport in Chicago and we are bombarded by low flying planes. Some days it is a constant barrage of airplane noise, especially on Sundays. I call them Sonic Sundays. A day of rest is now a day of stress. Our home is no longer a sanctuary, but rather a bunker where we cower at the missile like sounds of the incoming Air Bus a320s and their high pitched whine. For 14 years we never ever had planes flying over our home. We never heard plane noise. That all changed one fateful day when the FAA implemented their disastrous NextGen. Now we no longer can sit outside and enjoy time with our friends without the accompaniment of jet noise and the pollution the jets disgorge descending upon us. We no longer can enjoy our walks in our beautiful parks without the sounds of jets flying overhead. We no longer look forward to coming home. Our retirement plans have been upended, since staying here is completely out of the question. We are only enduring until the day we can leave. We did not move next to the airport, the airport moved next to us. As I said, we live 13 miles from the airport! Why are the planes so low, so far from the airport? Also the corridors the planes fly through are so close together, we are exposed to four different paths and therefore at times there is no break and we hear a constant wash of jet noise as one after another passes either over us or near us. There is no difference between waking up one day to discover planes flying over your house than waking up to find a six-lane highway in front of your house. None. It is an injustice and unacceptable. And to top it all off, the efficiency of O’Hare has not improved one iota as a result of NextGen. The FAA must be held accountable and this injustice must be corrected.
CHICAGO, IL I no longer can live like this-it’s like living on a normal street that they suddenly change into a freeway with constant semi-trucks!
CHICAGO, IL I can’t sleep, work, talk on the phone, talk to neighbors without interruption because of the horrific flight traffic!!!
CHICAGO, IL I’m signing because, as a resident of Park Ridge, Illinois, we experienced airplane noise throughout my childhood. I have remained in the area, living in a pocket of Chicago that experiences much louder airplane noise than I can remember. Windows cannot be left open. Telephone conversations are greatly impacted. Sleep patterns are greatly impacted. My cousin moved from her home in Park Ridge to Northbrook, Illinois.
CHICAGO, IL I’m signing because the quality of my life has been adversely impacted by airplane noise and the irresponsible elected and appointed officials that are charged with ensuring that progress should never be won at a cost of decimating entire neighborhoods.
CHICAGO, IL it’s time to hold the airlines accountable.
CHICAGO, IL Airports must be good neighbors just as we are all expected to be good neighbors to each other.
BELMONT, MA I am on the steering committee of the Boston West Fair Skies Coalition. We face this problem day in day out.
MILTON, MA This is a serious quality of life issue and the FAA should not be allowed to run amuck.
MILTON, MA I’m impacted daily with a major flight path to Boston’s Logan airport right over my house. The number of flights has increased over the past year – as has the noise.
MILTON, MA My quality of life has suffered over the past 2 years due to 4 concentrated flight paths over my town. I live and work in town, so no matter where I go, there are the planes with constant noise. Quiet has become a gift, taken away without warning.
MILTON, MA Endless airplane noise under 4R in Milton, MA.
NEWTON HIGHLANDS, MA Over the last year noise from aircrafts has increased dramatically. Both planes and helicopters.
BELMONT, NC I’m signing because the FAA & the airline industry has destroyed the lives of millions of Americans via the implementation of NextGen. NextGen noise has destroyed property values without warning, is abusing children and families and shortening the lives of seniors. You cannot imagine what this is doing to any veteran with PTSD who was without warning placed under a NextGen concentrated flight path. NextGen is now creating “Noise Ghettos” where one day all the negatives of a ghetto will exist. Equally as bad or worse NextGen is a terrorists wet-dream. The FAA has now lowered the entire airspace around airports placing passenger jets within easy reach of the ground. Additionally it has lined up the jets along exact routes and has them timed allowing a terrorist the opportunity to take multiple targets within just a few minutes. NextGen is immoral and idiocy. Please take care of your constituents and put a stop to this NextGen insanity NOW!
CRANFORD, NJ NJ has been experiencing excessive jet noise since 1987. I’m sick of runarounds when we have 1972 law restricting the activities carried on as normal today by the aviation industry.
ALBERTSON, NY We are all tired of the loud noises form airplanes flying over my house. It is now impossible to sleep with the windows opened.
BROADWAY-FLUSHING, NY For 32 years I lived in relative peace and quiet and tolerated noise mitigating flight patterns in my neighborhood. The implementation of NextGen technology more than two years ago destroyed the quality of our lives with planes flying too low, too loud and too frequently. This problem MUST be fixed. We cannot live under these conditions, and nobody should have to live like this.
EAST HAMPTON, NY Aircraft noise pollution is deleterious to the health of humans and wildlife as evidenced by numerous studies. We can not continue to obliterate our peace and quiet with no regard for our quality of life. It is not natural for us to sustain and endure the negative impact created by aircraft. We implore you to address this problem with urgency and come to a real solution that may involve the mandating of all aircraft to be built to be less offensive and far quieter.
EAST WILLISTON, NY I live on Long Island.
FLUSHING, NY Flights from my local airport, LGA, are sometimes, very low, loud, and frequent (less than a minute apart).
FLUSHING, NY Look at a map of any American city. That massive, brown stain at the edge of it is the airport. Somewhere in the past half century, we decided this was okay. That we would sacrifice an ever expanding chunk of our cities to, ya know, support the growth of those cities. Is that how it works? We lived without airports for hundreds of years. We can manage without them now.
FLUSHING, NY The many low and noisy flights over our neighborhood have become annoying, disruptive and very interruptive to conversation and frustrates telephone and TV usage.
FLUSHING, NY I am signing because my property is under flight path for LGA. The noise is unbearable.
FLUSHING, NY Its time to concern ourselves with citizens not only corporations.
FLUSHING, NY The FAA thinks they are accountable to no one and this needs to change. Neighborhoods matter, too!
GARDEN CITY, NY Too much noise.
GARDEN CITY, NY I’m signing because this is ruining my quality of life and needs to stop. I can’t even sleep in the summer anymore.
GARDEN CITY, NY I am signing because the FAA needs to be held accountable for their disregard for the general public whom they abuse in their effort to promote the desires of the airline industry.
GARDEN CITY, NY I am signing because I can’t sleep at night and the constant (every 90 second) sound of whining engine noise isn’t only damaging my sleep but also contributing to an increase risk of heart attack and high blood pressure.
MALVERNE, NY My life has been stolen from me by the FAA.
MALVERNE, NY JFK departures are out of control, especially overnight with the low, heavy cargo flights using the new runway 4.
MALVERNE, NY We need our Congressional Representatives to make the FAA responsive to Congress and the public.
MANHASSET, NY The noise is very disturbing.
NEW YORK, NY Just too many planes over the Rockaway Peninsula. Year’s back you all promised to alternate the flights paths and one was to use the Marine Park Bridge “called the Bridge Climb” well that never happened and all because you want to save a couple hundred dollars on fuel. Also now there are many more planes than there were then boy that sure did not help out the residents on the Rockaway Peninsula.
NEW YORK, NY I am signing because every day I heard the plane flying very loudly, the sound affect my sleep.
NEW YORK, NY Recent construction at LGA has caused departing plane noise over our normally quiet area of the neighborhood. Want to make sure this does not become permanent.
PORT WASHINGTON, NY We need congressional support to have the ability to implement change to a system that allows the aviation industry trample our health and quality of life.
QUEENS, NY the low flying landing plane can be very noisy in the early morning.
QUEENS, NY I am tired of the constant airplane noise in the area I live.
ROSLYN, NY Reduce Airplane Noise and Fumes.
SAG HARBOR, NY I am fed up with the hands off attitude of the FAA and our elected representatives.
VALLEY STREAM, NY The NextGen changes have created an intolerable living situation not only for me personally but for every other American citizen unfortunate enough to have found him or herself inadvertently placed under one of the new, relentless and punishing “highways in the sky.” The FAA’s reliance on computer modeling rather than actual, legitimate tests to determine an impact of no significance on the ground was bogus and should have been illegal. Please help the countless affected citizens and get the FAA to stop this nightmare.
MULINO, OR FAA is completely failing, on matters related to the environment and residential quality of life. A classic regulatory capture. FAA works solely for the airlines and aviation interests, with no consideration for people. Congress, we need you to rein in this out-of-control agency.
MORRISVILLE, PA The FAA must be contained.
MIDDLETOWN, RI Aircraft noise in my home state of RI and in my current state of NY dramatically affects quality of life and also has detrimental affects on the health of individuals affected.