To be effective, aviation-impact activists need access to a wide variety of solid information, such as: FAA Orders, FAA internal communications, news articles, press releases, technical reports, accident/incident investigations, airport and flight data, air quality & noise impact data, and much more. This website attempts to provide all of these records in one place, either as downloadable documents or as links. An extra effort has been made to not only archive the important documents on this website, but to also ensure they are easily accessible via standard online searches (Google, Bing, etc.).

The key resources listed in the Menu Bar (with links) include:

One resource still under development includes Technical Materials, such as are needed to collect original data. For example, software or recording equipment used for collecting live flight data (speed, altitude, lat/long, etc.), or measuring and recording sound impacts.

FAA has a bad habit of abusing the data they control. I.e., they are selective in how they share the data. While aviation stakeholders have easy access, any group or citizen with a concern about aviation noise tends to endure months and years of delay before they can see that same data … and, in many cases, FAA simply never produces the data. Consequently, there is a clear need to develop materials and protocols that facilitate citizens collecting their own verifiable data.

If people in one part of the nation have specific expertise, we want to help them share the ideas and systems they develop, that ensure no aviation-impact activist has to rely on FAA for data. Readers are encouraged to contact the website administrator if they have a suggestion or a system that they wish to share with others. We are especially looking for effective sound recording and flight data recording.