[ARCHIVE] 2014-10-16: Video of Regional Administrator Glen Martin, Pausing in Disbelief While Reading FAA’s Written Statement to the People of Phoenix

This 90-second video clip is the key portion of FAA Regional Administrator Glen Martin’s 5-minute formal statement to impacted Phoenix residents, one month after NextGen was implemented at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport [KPHX]:

And here’s the transcript by aiREFORM:

“…decrease fuel burn and CO2 emissions.
“To achieve this, the FAA is implementing what we call new Performance Based Navigation routes and these procedures that leverage emerging technologies, and especially the aircraft navigation capabilities. The FAA implemented new PBN procedures here in the Phoenix metropolitan area on September 18th 2014. As in other parts of the country, here in the Phoenix area, the FAA partnered with the airport operators, local government interests, airlines and other airspace users to implement these new procedures.
“Prior to implementing the new procedures here in Phoenix, the FAA did conduct an environmental analysis that is outlined in the national environmental policy act or NEPA. In conducting this analysis, we used a standard noise modeling tool to compare noise generated by the existing procedures with noise we expected would be generated by the new procedures. The results indicated that the project would not cause a significant increase…
(He pauses, cocks his head slightly, and raises his eyebrows slightly, showing his own disbelief at what he is reading)
He then squirms in his chair. The audience erupts with laughter and other calls of disbelief. He then folds his hands (in body language that says, ‘I’m going to get through this’) and continues reading. For more than ninety seconds, he just reads the paper and NEVER looks up.
“…a significant increase in noise for noise sensitive areas or result in other significant environmental impacts. In addition to conducting the environmental analysis, the FAA communicated the routing changes and the environmental findings with local authorities including the airport authority and the Arizona State Historical Preservation Office.”
(end of clip)

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