[ai-RCHIVE] 1976-06: Aurora Airport Master Plan (63p)

In June 1976, CH2M-Hill completed the ‘Aurora State Airport Master Plan, 1976-1995’, under a contract for the Aeronautics Division at the Oregon Department of Transportation. A print copy was obtained, and has been converted into a 63-page PDF file. Click on the link above to view and/or download a copy.

This particular copy has a few handwritten annotations, added decades ago by persons then concerned about airport traffic and growth.

The original document is laid out onto 11×17 paper, which made it unsuitable for simple scanning. So, to create this PDF copy, each page was scanned as two half-pages, and the paired JPEG files were spliced down the middle, matching fonts and graphic elements as closely as possible.

The content within this 1976 document is astounding, especially in light of recent efforts to hire lobbyists and press laws that expand the airport’s impacts upon the residential and agricultural communities.

Inside the 1976 Aurora Airport Master Plan

Here’s a portion of the Airport Layout Plan (ALP):Amazingly, at the time the Master Plan was completed in 1976, all of the hangars and FBOs (and other aviation-related businesses) were on private land; the state, as airport authority, owned only the runway. A key goal within the 1976 Master Plan was to acquire the adjacent land, so that this would not continue to be a ‘through-the-fence’ airport. Much of the intended acquisition land was never acquired, and in 2018, Aurora is one of the most extensive ‘through-the-fence’ (TTF) airports in the nation. This is problematic because ‘TTF airports’ often lack regulatory oversight since the ‘airport management’ does not lease the privately-owned adjacent properties. TTF airports also tend to enable extensive safety and environmental abuses by TTF ‘tenants’.

The only lands that were acquired are identified in these two images:

Parcels #6 and #7, in the middle-right portion of this aerial image, are the Snyder and Bennett properties. It appears State eventually acquired all of the Snyder parcel (#6), and most of the Bennett parcel (#7).

At page 16 of the document, this table identifies all property owners, keyed to the numbered parcels on the aerial image. Notice parcels #6 and #7, portions of which were eventually acquired by the State.

SEE ALSO: a copy of the 1988 Aurora Airport Master Plan is viewable here.

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