[ai-RCHIVE] 1988-07: Aurora Airport Master Plan

The State of Oregon is the ‘airport authority’ for the Aurora State Airport. In that capacity, the state has paid for the production of numerous airport master plans over the years. Below is an outline and links to archived copies of the 1988 Aurora Airport Master Plan, created by consultant Hodges and Shuut. It is always enlightening to study these planning documents years later, not just to reveal common extreme forecast inaccuracies, but also to identify the strategies used by aviation professionals to bias airport developments with ever-increasing community impacts. Aurora offers an excellent case study of the abuse of authority by FAA, airport authorities, and elite airport tenants who reap huge subsidies through these rigged planning processes.

Click on the blue-linked titles to view and/or download each section:

Cover, Table of Contents, & Chapter 1 – Introduction (9p)
Chapter 2 – Conclusions & Recommendations (16p)
Chapter 3 – Airport Plans (13p)
Chapter 4 – Background & Inventory (30p)
Chapter 5 – Airport Activity (18p)
Chapter 6 – Airfield Design (38p)
Chapter 7 – Building Area Development (15p)
Chapter 8 – Land Use & Environmental Issues (32p)
Chapter 9 – Financial & Management Issues (16p)
Appendices (35p)

SEE ALSO: a copy of the 1976 Aurora Airport Master Plan is viewable here.