[ai-RCHIVE] 2015-06-15: Bill Shuster, Aero Club Speech, and ATC Privatization

Two years ago, on June 15th, Bill Shuster made a speech to the Aero Club and released documents announcing the latest plans for ATC privatization. This concept is not new. But, what makes this latest round of privatization efforts a little different is how it is deeply entangled with the onging (and fraudulent) NextGen implementation. (Click here or here to see two aiREFORM Posts showing how FAA knowingly misrepresents NextGen as a way to replace zigzag routes with direct routes)

We are being told that problems with the NextGen implementation would be resolved if Congress was not involved, and if instead a board dominated by the airlines was making decisions. Well, there is no evidence that this change will do ANYTHING to reduce NextGen-related impacts that are destroying communities (e.g., route concentration, hub concentration). If anything, with their blind focus on only profits and dividends, this new entity will only worsen the impacts.

Here are three archived documents from that day:

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

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