[ai-RCHIVE] 2017-10-12: Noise Standards – Aircraft Type & Airworthiness Certification (Advisory Circular 36-4D, 277p)

This FAA Advisory Circular was recently shared, along with this brief email comment: “Another huge tome from the FAA – on Noise – recently released and retrieved from FAA website:  not sure of relevance to lay people.”

Yes, yet another huge FAA tome.

What does it show, and what does it achieve? It shows that FAA directs enormous public monies into creating lots of deep documentation; plus, it shows how adept FAA is at writing pages that put people to sleep (perhaps FAA should align with Big-Pharma in the sleep-medicine business?). But, most importantly, lofty documents like this help FAA/industry to achieve an illusion of research and fairness. When public presentations are held (such as Airport Master Plan open houses), or when environmental documents are published, citing these tomes, with their so many words, creates the impression that decisions are made via a thorough process that is both thoughtful and balanced.

Sadly, FAA’s track record shows this is all just a big illusion.

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

Notes & Comments:

  • signed by Acting Director Curtis Holsclaw.
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