[ai-RCHIVE] FAA’s Annual ‘Performance & Accountability’ Reports, 2002-2016

FAA produces this annual report, to comply with the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990. All have been compiled here.

These reports include informative data tables, as well as sharp pictures and other graphics that show how much technological change has happened at FAA, and especially within ATC. Studying these annual reports, it is easy to fully debunk claims – by industry, by FAA, and even by Bill Shuster or President Trump – that the system is antiquated and sorely needs modernization. In truth, the ATC system as well as the flight systems on our airplanes, have evolved enormously. The one thing that has not changed, though, is that politicians will twist and distort (and engage the mainstream media), if it helps to generate billions of dollars in spending to key constituents. And that is what is happening now, in 2017.

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Here’s the latest, the 2016 PAR (146p):

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