[ARCHIVE] 2000-10-16: Committee Report on investigation of Congressman Bud Shuster (1,092p)

The full report is an astoundingly large 1,092-pages, thus takes a while to load. So, instead, take a look at the miniscule disciplinary action taken against Bud Shuster: a 7-page ‘Letter of Reproval’ (see below).

The investigation was initiated in November 1997, thus nearly three years prior to the report and ‘disciplinary action’. That seems like an awful lot of money, time and effort expended to ‘investigate’, so how could they end up doing essentially NOTHING substantial with the investigative findings?

Sadly, the question is a waste of time; this entire fiasco is par for the course in a self-serving Congress that is deeply corrupted and totally out of touch with the Public it once served.

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

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