[ARCHIVE] 2009-10-00: FAA’s PBN Brochure (2p)

Here is a copy of FAA’s PBN brochure, from October 2009, alleging the benefits of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN).

Late October 2009 appears to be the point in time when FAA chose to initiate a deception campaign, aimed at leading Congress and the general public to believe current ATC procedures must fly NAVAID-to-NAVAID, in zigzagging routes. This, of course, is utterly false; for many decades now, radar, inertial navigation, and a series of digitally-based navigation systems (including GPS) have evolved, and all have allowed flight crews to fly direct legs. Indeed, direct legs have been the norm in U.S. ATC, going back even to the 1970s.

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

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