[ARCHIVE] 2012-03-14: KLMO Airport Master Plan, & Related Documents

The airport at Longmont, CO is the site of a major legal battle, where airport neighbors are trying to regain a meaningful voice to emplace reasonable restrictions on a noisy skydive operator. Perhaps because of this recent history, airport officials were a bit more attentive than most airports, when they conducted their last Airport Master Plan. They were careful to follow the steps, document the progress, and post that online.

Of course, documents like these tend to stay viewable online for a limited time, normally only a couple years. So, to help us all to benefit from the work that went into the KLMO Airport Master Plan, a copy of the City’s webpage has been archived here at aiREFORM.com. The graphic immediately below is a screencap of the webpage; each linked document is marked with a yellow tag, numbered 1 through 9, and the links to archived copied of all nine follow in the table under the graphic.

KLMO.20170111scp.. Airport Master Plan Information (City of Longmont webpage)

(click on image to view original posted by City of Longmont)

Here is a list of the nine linked documents:

  1. ‘The Longmont Master Plan Process is Complete’ – link to 1p PDF
  2. ‘Master Plan Report’ – link to 214p PDF
  3. ‘FAQs about the Airport Master Plan’ – link to 2p PDF
  4. ‘Longmont Airport Inventory – Existing Conditions’ – link to 5p PDF
  5. ‘Final Draft of Working Paper #1 (Chapters 1-3)’ – link to 75p PDF
  6. ‘Final Draft of Working Paper #2 (Chapters 1-4)’ – link to 114p PDF
  7. ‘Airport Master Plan Information Brochure’ – link to 2p PDF
  8. ‘Airport Master Plan Facility Improvements and Runway Alternatives Brochure’ – link to 2p PDF
  9. ‘Final Draft of Working Paper #3 (Chapters 1-5)’ – link to 146p PDF

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