[ARCHIVE] 2016-02-03: House T&I Committee’s Video promoting AIRR Act

A slick video was released to nudge acceptance of the proposal by A4a/Shuster to privatize the ATC system. Here is an embed of the video, followed by a transcript and analysis.

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

The deception and hypocrisy is rich. First, Mr. Shuster uses indisputable methods (such as the music editing, and the transition from rich color to stark black-and-white and back) to ‘spin’ video viewers into believing our current ATC system is archaic … which it is not.

That image of a fifty-year-old radar display is classicly deceiving, when compared with digital presentations that FAA has spent billions on, and rolled out one upgrade after another after another. This ‘ancient technology’ bullshit was repeatedly echoed during the hearing, when ‘paper strips’ were decried as dangerous and primitive … while failing to see the fact that paper strips continue to work extremely well as a fundamental tool for doing and documenting ATC work. Indeed, the principal opposition to eliminating paper strips has consistently been raised by the controllers, who insist on this basic tool as a backup, to protect against unplanned electronic system shutdowns.

And, second, the claim that we must act to prevent the loss of U.S. jobs to other nations is, well, absurd. Where was the concern by Mr. Shuster’s political party – or by the other duopoly party, Bill Clinton’s Democrats – when we sent tens of millions of jobs overseas from the late 1980s onward? Where have we seen ANY U.S. political leaders (other than the lone standout: Bernie Sanders) who consistently oppose NAFTA, TPP, and other pacts that screw people and local communities solely to aid corporate profits (…and all in trade for increased corporate campaign contributions)?