[ai-RCHIVE] 2016-05-26: FAA Order JO7110.65W, change 1 – Air Traffic Controller’s Handbook

The FAA Order that prescribes phraseology and procedures to be used while controlling air traffic is the ATC handbook, commonly called ‘the seventy-one ten point six five’, and often shortened to just ‘the point six five’. When broad changes are made to FAA Orders, the Order is commonly renamed by changing the last letter; thus, on December 10, 2015, ‘ORDER JO7110.65V’ became ‘ORDER JO7110.65W’. Lesser changes are inserted as they are developed. The latest version of this order, measuring 729-pages, is officially ‘FAA ORDER JO7110.65W change 1’.

This aiREFORM reference webpage offers archived copies of the entire Order (scrollable view, below), as well as links to PDF copies of each individual chapter.

Preamble (cover, changes, errata) 14p
Table of Contents 20p
Chapter 1  General  12p
Chapter 2  General Control  68p
Chapter 3  ATC – Terminal  62p
Chapter 4  IFR  52p
Chapter 5  Radar  82p
Chapter 6  Nonradar  24p
Chapter 7  Visual  26p
Chapter 8  Offshore/Oceanic Procedures  32p
Chapter 9  Special Flights  26p
Chapter 10  Emergencies  24p
Chapter 11  Traffic Management Procedures  18p
Pilot-Controller Glossary  118p
Index  12p
Briefing Guides  139p
Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

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