[ARCHIVE] 2016-06-23: Advisory Circular No. 150/5200-33 (versions B & C)

FAA has an Advisory Circular covering how to manage wildlife attractants on or near airports. The current valid version is AC No. 150/5200-33B (28p); there is also a larger draft version, AC No. 150/5200-33C (38p). Click on the links above to download copies, or use the images at the bottom of this webpage.

One of the interesting points raised in both versions of the Advisory Circular is that, for safety reasons, FAA expects wetlands and other wildlife attractions to be at least 5,000-feet away from runways and taxiways at airports used by the smallest planes. Here is a screencap from Section 1, with yellow lines marking a safety design ignored in new runway projects, such as the turf crosswind runway at Mora, MN:20160623scp.. 5000ft separation for piston runways to wildlife attractants (f FAA AC 150-5200-33B)

Click on the images below for a scrollable/popout view of either document.

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