[ARCHIVE] 2016-08-15: EPA’s Final Rule re Endangerment by Aircraft Greenhouse Gas Emissions (55p)

A copy of the final rule is provided in the scrollable window below. Copies of earlier EPA actions and selected news articles are archived on the following pages (dates in the index below are linked to each archived document).

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

7-27-2011: ‘Control of Air Pollution From Aircraft and Aircraft Engines’ 2011-17660 (EPA Proposed Rule, 42p)
10-17-2013: ‘ICAO landmark agreement on aviation emissions’ (climateactionprogramme.org, 2p)
1-6-2015: ‘Aviation industry face pressure to reduce carbon footprint’ (climateactionprogramme.org, 1p)
JUN 2015: ‘EPA Takes First Steps to Address GHG Emissions from Aircraft Engines’ (EPA Fact Sheet, 4p)
JUN 2015: ‘EPA Moves Closer to Regulating Aircraft Engine GHG Emissions’ (blog at zsrlaw.com, 3p)
6-10-2015: ‘EPA says greenhouse gases from aviation pose a threat’ (E.Tennyson, AOPA.org, 1p & 7p comments)
6-10-2015: ‘EPA Takes First Step To Regulate Aircraft Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ (V.Volcovici, Huffington Post, 2p)
6-11-2015: ‘EPA Announces Airplane Emissions Endangerment Finding’ (R.Clabough, TheNewAmerican.com, 2p & 3p comments)
6-11-2015: ‘EPA aviation ruling could lead to landmark emissions regulation’ (climateactionprogramme.org, 1p)
7-1-2015: ‘Proposed Endangerment Finding that GHG Emissions from Aircraft Contribute to Air Pollution’ 2015-15192 (EPA, FedReg copy, 50p)
JUL 2016: ‘EPA Finalizes First Steps to Address GHG Emissions from Aircraft Engines’ (EPA Fact Sheet, 3p)
7-27-2016: EPA Makes Greenhouse Gas Endangerment Finding for the Aviation Sector’ (Client Alert, Crowell.com, 2p)

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