[ARCHIVE] 2016-09-19: Plaintiff’s Motion to FAA Asking for a Cease & Desist Order (Atlantic Aviation v. City of Santa Monica (6p)

An email sharing the new motion below contained the following comment (emphasis added by aiREFORM):

“In response to the Notice to Vacate that the City issued on September 15th, Atlantic Aviation is now asking the FAA to issue a cease and desist order that would prevent the City from exercising its right to establish its own FBO service and to remove and to replace Atlantic as an FBO service provider at Santa Monica Jetport. Federal law clearly allows the City, as the Airport’s proprietor, to establish and to operate its own FBO service. Moreover, the City believes that federal law does not give Atlantic Aviation any rights to remain at the Airport. Atlantic Aviation and their Australian parent company, MacQuaire Holdings, are arguing that their foreign corporate rights, fostered to serve the 1% who can afford private jet travel, supersedes the rights of the people of Santa Monica. Will FAA side with American public interest?”

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

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