[ARCHIVE] 2016-10-07: Boston Globe Article about ‘New’ Agreement to Study NextGen Impacts Around KBOS (4p & 35p of archived comments)

Here is a copy of a recent article of interest to those at any U.S. airport impacted by FAA’s ongoing NextGen implementation. This copy has been archived by aiREFORM with a pair of objectives in mind: first, to provide a portable copy that makes it as easy as possible for readers to read and study the article AND the reader commments; and, second, so that this step in the history of NextGen and aviation impacts is preserved, even after the news story is eventually taken down by Boston Globe. The ultimate objective is to empower people to communicate and solve problems.

UPDATED 10/9/2016: article now marked up with aiREFORM footnotes, comments.
Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

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