[ARCHIVE] 2016-11-11: Harris Corporation ‘News Releases’

Below is the entire list of ‘News Releases’ by Harris Corporation (based in Melbourne, FL) using the filter ‘FAA’ and copied on 11/11/2016. All titles are linked to the Harris webpages for each news release.

The ‘About’ pages at the Harris website state that Harris acquired Exelis in 2015. A bit of further online research shows Exelis (based in Tysons Corner, VA) was created in 2011, spun off from the defense business at ITT Corporation (based in White Plains, NY) as a global aerospace, defense, information and services company. So, the lineage is older corporation ITT into Exelis into Harris, and a very long federal contract history.

The WikiLeaks webpage for ITT is a jaw-dropper, with references to decades of corruption, participation in South American coups, etc. Indeed, at the time this aiREFORM reference webpage was created, the Wikipedia page for Harris included this note: “In January 2015, Wired Magazine ranked Harris Corporation—tied with U.S. Marshals Service—as the number two threat to privacy and communications on the Internet.”

The News Releases below begin in 1997, so it appears most of these were originally ITT or Exelis News Releases.

4/14/97 Harris Awarded Contract To Provide Back-Up Air Traffic Control Communications System
5/27/97 Harris to Provide Analog & Digital Television (DTV) Transmitter Equipment
8/26/97 Harris Corporation Awarded $110 Million FAA Contract
1/21/98 Harris Corporation’ s FY’98 Second Quarter Earnings Release
4/22/98 Harris Corporation Reports Increased Earnings And Sales For Third Quarter
7/29/98 Harris and FAA Demonstrate Digital Data Transfer at Oshkosh
10/27/98 Audiences In 20 Cities To Watch Glenn Launch In HDTV
4/19/99 Harris Corporation Introduces PSIP Solution For DTV Program Guide
4/19/99 Harris Corporation to Provide High-Definition Digital Encoders to A.H. Belo Television Stations Set to Sign-On
9/28/99 Harris Team Pursues US $1.9 Billion Contract for FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Upgrade
7/26/00 Harris Corporation Reports Double-Digit Sales, Earnings, And Orders Growth For the Fourth Quarter
8/1/00 Harris Corporation Team To Bid On $1.9 Billion FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Program
11/2/00 Belo Selects Harris Corporation to Complete Transition to DTV
1/16/01 FAA Awards Harris Corporation $14 Million Production Contract for Weather and Radar Processor Program
3/28/01 Society of Women Engineers Recognizes Harris Corporation Employees for Professional Achievement
11/5/01 Harris Corporation Completes Acceptance Test Of FAA’s Voice Switching and Control System (VSCS) Upgrade
11/5/01 Harris Corporation Demonstrates its Web-based Interface Solution for FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Program
11/5/01 Harris Corporation Launches Second Phase of Program Linking FAA Air Traffic Control Facilities in Alaska
3/7/02 FAA Awards Harris Corporation $26 Million Maintenance and Support Follow-on to Weather and Radar Processor Program Contract
4/17/02 Harris Corporation Reports 50 Percent Improvement In Third Quarter Earnings
4/30/02 Harris Corporation Opens New Washington D.C. Office To Support FAA Programs
5/23/02 Harris Corporation Forms Industry-leading Team to Bid on FAA’s Next Generation Air/Ground Communications (NEXCOM) Program
7/15/02 Harris Corporation Awarded $1.7 Billion FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Program
7/24/02 Harris Corp. Reports Per Share Earnings of $.40 In the 4th Quarter
10/16/02 Harris Corporation Reports First Quarter Earnings Of $.30 Per Share
11/5/02 Harris Corporation Exec to Lead Communications Breakout Session And Present Scholarship Donation At ATCA Annual Meeting
11/6/02 Harris And Lockheed Martin Enter Strategic Alliance For Integrated Airspace Management Solutions
11/6/02 Harris Corporation and J.D. Edwards Team To Market Asset Management and Supply Chain Solutions to Federal Government
11/6/02 Harris/SITA Team Completes Milestones for Development of Next-Generation Aircraft Data Link Ground Stations
12/10/02 Harris Network Support Division to Provide Network Management Integration for FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure Program
1/15/03 Harris Corporation Revenue Climbs 16% in Second Quarter
2/5/03 FAA Awards Harris Corporation $21 Million For NEXCOM Rapid Preliminary Development Effort
2/10/03 Harris Corporation’s Weather And Radar Processor (WARP) System In Use By Controllers At FAA’s 21 ARTCCs
3/10/03 Harris Corporation Promotes Robert K. Henry to Senior Vice President
4/16/03 Harris Corporation Revenue Increases 12% in Third Quarter
5/22/03 Harris Corporation Presents VDL Mode 3 White Paper During Integrated Communications, Navigation and Surveillance Conference
6/5/03 Harris Corporation Hosts National Implementation Workshop for FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Program
7/3/03 Harris Corporation Receives Final Certification Of National Test Bed For FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Program
7/22/03 General Dynamics Joins Harris Corporation’s NEXCOM Team
10/6/03 Harris Corporation Aligns Government Communications Systems Organization Structure with Strategic Customer Markets
10/21/03 Harris Corporation Reports 31% Increase in Net Income On 24% Increase in Revenue for First Quarter
10/27/03 Harris Corporation Demonstrates Automated Weather Forecasting Tools During 48th Annual Air Traffic Control Association Meeting
10/29/03 Harris Corporation Receives Prestigious Industry Award from the Air Traffic Control Association
1/12/04 Harris Corporation Team and FAA Achieve Key Milestone In FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Program Deployment
1/13/04 Harris Corporation Joins In-house FAA Team to Pursue Modernization of Automated Flight Service Stations
1/27/04 Harris Corporation Doubles Net Income In Second Quarter; Revenue Increases By 16%
3/18/04 Belo Selects Harris ReCon Remote Control and Facility Management System for Eight Transmission Sites
4/27/04 Harris Corporation Third Quarter Net Income Increased 57% and Revenue Increased 23% on Strong Results in Government Segments
5/4/04 FAA Administrator Blakey and U.S. Rep. Mica Visit Harris Corporation for FAA Network Operations Center Tour
7/2/04 FAA Deputy Administrator Robert Sturgell Visits Harris Corporation for FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Program Update
7/28/04 Harris Corporation Reports Record Earnings Per Share of $.57 On 27% Revenue Growth in Fourth Quarter
9/10/04 Florida-Based FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Network Operations Center Makes Smooth Transition to Back-Up Site Before Hurricane Frances Hits
9/29/04 Harris Corporation Awarded $275 Million Mission Support Services Contract for FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Program
10/20/04 Harris Corp. First Quarter Income Climbs 57% on Revenue Growth of 22%; Company Increases Earnings Guidance for Fiscal Year 2005
11/1/04 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Awards Weather And Radar Processor (WARP) Program Contract Extension To Harris Corp.
11/1/04 Harris Corporation Demonstrates Enhancements To Its Automated Weather Forecasting IR&D During 49th Annual ATCA Meeting
11/1/04 Harris Corporation Demonstrates Web-Based Weather Planner During 49th Annual ATCA Meeting
12/9/04 Harris Corporation Awarded Digital Television Transmitter Order From Belo Corporation for Ongoing DTV Transition
1/26/05 Harris Corporation Second Quarter Income Increases 42% On Revenue Growth of 24%; Company Raises Earnings Guidance for Fiscal Year 2005
2/16/05 Sprint Selects Harris TRuepoint Next-Generation Microwave Radio Technology to Support Mobile Services Nationwide
4/5/05 Federal Aviation Administration Awards Harris Corp. $57 Million Weather and Radar Processor Follow-on Contract
4/26/05 Harris Corporation Third Quarter Income Increases 57% On Revenue Growth of 18%
5/11/05 Harris Awarded $35 Million Contract Modification to Modernize FAA’s Voice Switching and Control System Communications Displays
7/27/05 Harris Corporation Fourth Quarter Net Income Increases 60%; Revenue Grows 14%
9/26/05 Harris Corporation Names Peter Challan Vice President of Washington Programs for Civil Business Unit
10/26/05 Harris Corporation Net Income Increases 25%; Non-GAAP Net Income Increases 63% and Revenue Grows 13%
11/30/05 Harris Corp. Team Completes Internet Protocol Backbone For FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure Network
1/25/06 Harris Corp. Second Quarter Revenue Increases 14%
1/30/06 Harris-led Team Completes Implementation of FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Network in Hawaii
4/6/06 Harris Corporation Team Completes Mission Support Network for FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Core Sites
5/1/06 Harris Corporation Third Quarter Net Income Increases 30%; Revenue Increases 14%
5/10/06 Harris-led Team Completes First Satellite Communications Site For the FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure Program
5/30/06 New Atlanta Air Traffic Control Tower Is Equipped with the FAA’s Most Modern and Cost-Effective Telecom Services
6/20/06 Harris Corporation Completes Transition of FAA Bulk Weather Telecommunications Gateway to the FTI Network
6/21/06 Harris Corporation Team Completes Mission Support Network for FTI Northwest Mountain Regional Sites
7/6/06 Harris Corporation Team Completes FTI Mission Support Network
7/19/06 FAA Inaugurates East Coast Satellite Communications Gateway For FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure Satellite Network
7/26/06 Harris Corporation Fourth Quarter Net Income Rises 39%; Revenue Grows 21%; Orders Increase 45%
7/27/06 Harris Corporation Network Management System Supports FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure Satellite Network
8/2/06 Harris Corporation Team Achieves Another Milestone in FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure Program
10/25/06 Harris Corporation First Quarter Net Income Rises 67%; Revenue Grows 25%; Orders Increase 53%
10/30/06 FTI Network Is Now Online, Delivering Vital Voice and Data Communications Services to the FAA at Significant Cost Savings
10/30/06 Harris Corporation Demonstrates Next Generation Air Transport System Solution During the 51st Annual ATCA Conference
10/30/06 Harris Corporation Outlines Approach to FAA Service-Oriented Architecture in Technical Paper During Annual ATCA Conference
10/30/06 Harris Corporation Team Completes Cutover of FAA’s Legacy Satellite System to New FTI Network
10/30/06 Harris Corporation Team Transfers Control of FAA Administrative Network to FTI Network Operations and Control Center
1/9/07 Harris Corporation Team Exceeds 10,000th Service Milestone for FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure (FTI) Network
1/30/07 Harris Corporation Second Quarter Revenue Increases 21%; GAAP Net Income Rises to $94 Million; Non-GAAP Net Income Rises 32%
4/2/07 Harris Corporation Names Industry Veteran Cheryl L. Janey President of Civil Programs in Its Government Segment
5/1/07 Harris Corporation Reports Strong Increases in Revenue and Net Income; Announces $600 Million Share Repurchase Program
8/1/07 U.S. General Services Administration Awards Harris Corporation Alliant IT Services Government-Wide Acquisition Contract
9/10/07 Harris Corporation and FAA Mark Cutover of 100th Network Hub Site for New FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure Program
9/18/07 Harris Corporation’s Doug Shorter and John O’Sullivan Receive Leadership Awards from Washington Technology Magazine
10/11/07 Harris Corporation Names Peter Challan Vice President of Government Relations
10/29/07 Harris Corporation Demonstrates Network-Centric NextGen Aviation Communications Solutions During 52nd Annual ATCA Conference
10/29/07 Harris Corporation Flight Planning System Provides Real-time Weather and Flight Data to General Aviation Pilots in Alaska
11/1/07 Harris Corporation First Quarter Revenue Increases 30%; Revenue Growth Posted by All Four Operating Segments
12/10/07 Harris Team Completes Weather and Radar Processor System Transition to FAA Telecommunications Infrastructure Network
12/13/07 Harris Corporation Names Former Homeland Security Spokesperson Marc Raimondi Director of Communications in Washington, D.C.
9/16/08 ITT achieves FAA milestone on ADS-B air traffic modernization program
10/2/08 Harris Corporation Opens Two New Facilities in Washington DC Area
10/20/08 Harris Corporation Ensures Continuity of Service for FAA Communications During Active 2008 Hurricane Season
10/29/08 Harris Corporation First Quarter Revenue Increases 11%; Net Income Increases 18%
11/3/08 Harris Corporation Researcher to Present Papers on Network-centric Communications Technology during ATCA 2008
11/3/08 Harris Corporation Unveils Emergency Management Operations and Control System for Low-Altitude Aircraft during ATCA 2008
12/17/08 ITT achieves ADS-B In-Service Decision milestone by the FAA
2/4/09 Harris Corporation Second Quarter Revenue Increases 16%
3/30/09 Harris Corporation Transitions Legacy FAA Telecommunications Microwave Services in Alaska to New Managed Services Network
4/7/09 ITT salutes South Florida for implementing new air traffic control technology
4/7/09 U.S. General Services Administration Awards Harris Corporation Alliant IT Services Government-Wide Acquisition Contract
4/16/09 Harris Corporation Acquires Crucial Security, Inc., a Premier Provider of Cyberspace Solutions for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies
5/5/09 Harris Corporation Reports Higher Revenue, Income and Earnings Per Share for the Third Quarter
5/12/09 Harris Corporation’s Dale Meyerrose to Address Thought Leadership Conference
5/27/09 Harris Corporation’s Dale Meyerrose Discusses Nation’s Cyberspace Challenges at New York Press Club Event
6/4/09 Harris Corporation Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire the Air Traffic Control Business Unit of SolaCom Technologies, Inc.
6/19/09 Harris Corporation Completes the Acquisition of the Air Traffic Control (ATC) Business Unit of SolaCom Technologies, Inc.
6/25/09 Cyberspace Thought Leaders Discuss Challenges Facing Nation’s First ‘Cyber Czar’
7/16/09 Digitizing Health Records Not Enough; Integrated, Interoperable Enterprises Vital to U.S. Healthcare Transformation
10/6/09 Harris Corporation Researchers Address Security and Safety Challenges of NextGen Air Transport System
10/8/09 Harris Corporation’s Dale Meyerrose to Address Rocky Mountain Chapter of AFCEA on October 15
10/27/09 Harris Corporation Reports First Quarter Results; Fiscal 2010 Guidance Increased on Strong Orders for Tactical Radios
11/18/09 Middle East’s Rotana TV Network Builds Central Playout Facility with Harris ONE Integrated Broadcast Solution
1/18/10 Harris Corporation Researchers to Present Solutions on Next-Generation Aviation Weather Challenges at AMS 2010
3/9/10 Harris Corporation and Jotron Team to Pursue $200 Million Next-Gen FAA Radio System Contract
3/9/10 Harris Corporation and Sunhillo Corporation Team to Develop Advanced Information Exchange Networks for Aviation Markets
3/15/10 Harris Corporation’s Dale Meyerrose Calls on Technical Community to Help Educate Consumers About Security Risks in Cyberspace
5/17/10 Harris Corporation to Acquire SignaCert, Inc., a Leading Provider of IT Compliance Solutions for Software Supply Chain Assurance
5/27/10 FAA selects ITT to lead NextGen definition and implementation team
6/7/10 Harris Corporation Selected to Participate in IDIQ Contract for FAA’s NextGen Systems Engineering Program
7/19/10 Harris Corporation Awarded $97 Million Weather and Radar Processor Support Contract by Federal Aviation Administration
7/29/10 Harris Corporation Successfully Demonstrates End-to-End Functionality for Data Communication Between Pilots and Controllers
8/3/10 Harris Corporation Reports Strong Fourth Quarter Results; Significantly Higher Orders, Revenue and Income
9/20/10 ITT to acquire Airport Operations Solutions group from SRA
10/5/10 Kay Kapoor named vice president of ITT’s Advanced Information Systems business area
10/8/10 Harris Corporation Urges Greater Public Understanding of Cybersecurity Dangers during National Cyber Security Awareness Month
10/25/10 Harris Corporation Reports Significantly Higher Operating Performance; Increases Fiscal 2011 Earnings Guidance
11/22/10 ITT completes acquistion of Airport Operations solutions group from SRA International
6/29/11 Harris Corporation Awarded Contract with a Potential Value of $56.7 Million by Federal Aviation Administration for Alaska Flight Services System
7/19/11 Washington, D.C. area airports select ITT for noise monitoring and flight tracking systems
7/25/11 Harris Corporation Awarded $85 Million Contract By FAA for Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure
8/2/11 Harris Corporation Reports Solid Fiscal 2011 Fourth Quarter Results
10/3/11 Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to purchase ITT’s OpsVue flight tracking and situational awareness system
10/3/11 Four Harris Corporation White Papers Accepted for Publication in ATCA 2011 Conference Proceedings; Two Named Winners
10/4/11 ITT launches new flight tracking application for Alaskan airspace
10/26/11 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2012 First Quarter Results and Significantly Higher Orders
10/31/11 Defense And Aerospace: Real Value For Investors And The Nation
1/9/12 ITT Exelis announces leadership team for building FAA’s Next Generation Data Communications System
3/7/12 ITT Exelis fields enhanced Symphony OpsVue v. 1.7 to improve airport and airline operations
4/26/12 Harris Corporation Awarded $80 Million Healthcare IT Contract to Help Integrate VA/DoD Electronic Health Record System
4/27/12 Harris Corporation Awarded Contract to Upgrade Air-to-Ground Radio Network at White Sands Missile Range
6/19/12 Aireon Awards Harris Corporation Contract for Largest Implementation of Hosted Satellite Payloads; Will Provide Global Satellite-Based Aircraft Tracking
7/17/12 Harris Corporation Delivers First Operational Voice over IP Air/Ground Communications for the National Airspace System
8/28/12 Harris Corporation Awarded $291 Million Contract to Provide Federal Aviation Administration’s New National Air Traffic Control Communications System
9/10/12 ITT Exelis and Metron Aviation partner to integrate air traffic management technologies for airports and airlines
9/20/12 Harris Corporation Awarded $331 Million Contract by FAA for Data Communications Integrated Services Program
10/1/12 Harris Corporation Introduces Liberty-Radio Control Equipment for Air Traffic Control Communications
10/1/12 Harris Corporation Receives $63 Million Award to Supply FAA with Enterprise Messaging Services
10/1/12 ITT Exelis provides upgraded noise and flight tracking system to Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
10/29/12 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2013 First Quarter Results
11/1/12 Harris Corporation Introduces New Private and Secure Nationwide Managed Services Network
2/5/13 Harris Corporation Experts to Discuss Technology to Interconnect Global Airspace Management Organizations During World ATM Congress
2/11/13 FAA certifies ITT Exelis airport ground vehicle transmitter device
2/12/13 Harris Corporation Launches IP-based Air Traffic Control Communications Solution for Global Aviation at World ATM Congress
2/18/13 Harris Corporation Celebrates National Engineers Week; Honors Chief Technologist Mark Graham with Prestigious Fellow Award
7/23/13 Exelis airport ground vehicle surveillance solution to enhance surface safety at Denver and St. Louis Airports
7/30/13 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2013 Fourth Quarter Results
8/15/13 Harris Corporation Awarded $150 Million Contract for FAA’s NextGen Data Communications Program
10/21/13 United Airlines is First Carrier to Join the FAA NextGen Data Communications Avionics Equipage Program
10/23/13 Four More U.S. Airlines to Add Avionics as Part of the FAA’s Data Communications Equipage Program
10/23/13 Harris Corporation Delivers Demonstration Platforms for FAA’s New IP-based Air Traffic Control Communications Network
10/23/13 Harris Corporation Providing Redundant Network Infrastructure to Support Federal Aviation Administration Communications
10/29/13 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2014 First Quarter Results
12/3/13 Harris CapRock Awarded $46 Million FAA Contract to Support the Alaskan Satellite Telecommunications Infrastructure
1/28/14 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2014 Second Quarter Results
3/3/14 Spirit Airlines selects Exelis aircraft surveillance solution for fleet tracking
3/10/14 Exelis deploys Symphony® data and application suite at Boston Logan International Airport to improve aircraft and airport s
4/21/14 Exelis completes nationwide infrastructure upgrade of FAAs NextGen aircraft tracking system
4/29/14 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2014 Third Quarter Results
6/19/14 Exelis awarded SFO VMAT
7/24/14 Exelis deploys deicing management software solution at
7/29/14 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2014 Fourth Quarter Results
9/5/14 National Transportation Safety Board selects Exelis air traffic surveillance solution for incidents investigations
9/25/14 On Track Exelis ADS B Program Delivering Benefits Now
10/28/14 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2015 First Quarter Results
11/25/14 Midwestern hub selects Exelis airport surface surveillance solutions
1/29/15 Harris Corporation Awarded Contract by FAA for Alaska Flight Services System
2/6/15 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2015 Second Quarter Results
3/9/15 Exelis to provide airfield monitoring solutions to Los Angeles International Airport
4/23/15 Exelis launches airspace surveillance and sense and avoid tool for unmanned aerial system operations in the US
4/29/15 FAA Awards Harris Corporation $238 Million IDIQ Contract for Weather Program Support Services
5/5/15 Exelis and FAA designated Test Sites to research the safe integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace system
5/5/15 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2015 Third Quarter Results In Line With Preliminary Third Quarter Estimates
5/18/15 Exelis achieves factory acceptance testing for Aireon LLCs global aircraft surveillance data processing and distribution g
7/27/15 Harris Corporation and CPqD Awarded Contract to Support Brazilian Air Force
3/8/16 Harris Corporation to Provide Advanced Air Traffic Management Communication System to UK’s Air Traffic Management Service
11/1/16 Harris Corporation Reports Fiscal 2017 First Quarter Results