[ARCHIVE] 2017-01-25: Key Documents Linked at EPA’s ‘Climate Change Webpage’

Reuters has reported that the new President has ordered EPA to shut down their Climate Change webpage, in a move to obstruct EPA’s use of the internet to share climate change science. If this news story is true, it is a shameful action, and rather pointless, too. Why? Because the documents accessible via this webpage have already been widely shared and will become available via other non-EPA webpages. Thus, the net effect will be President Trump telling the world that he is ‘okay’ with censorship and propaganda, while showing indifference to people and making himself look like he’s just a servant to money. He could do so much better. [archived PDF of the Reuters article]

This archive is a workaround to this censorship. The Climate Change webpage has a fairly extensive collection of links to subpages and reference documents. It appears that many of the core records are presented with links on the ‘Climate Change Indicators‘ subpage.  Essentially, these documents represent reports completed in 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016; each report is viewable as a single PDF (typically around 100-pages), supported with an extensive collection of technical documentation. Also, for many of the reports, abbreviated Fact Sheets and Summary Brochures were produced.

So, aiREFORM.com has copied the entire collection of Climate Change Indicator reports. Here is a list of these documents, with links to archived PDF files:

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