[ARCHIVE] 2016-06: Soberanes Fire (Big Sur area)

Inciweb is a federal website that combines information from numerous federal agencies to keep the public informed on incident responses. They maintain an updated list of current incidents, within which you can scroll down the history and link to daily Soberanes Fire Updates. For example, today’s new links include this detailed map (copy archived by aiREFORM) showing current active fire areas, fire area boundaries, firelines cut by hand and by bulldozer, road closures, etc.

Below are screencap maps/images, copied as screen captures from FlightAware.com. These help to identify the area of the Soberanes fire – its relationship to geographic features (towns, campgrounds, etc.) and aviation features (the BSR VORTAC, the route system, etc.)


(Click on image to view and select ‘SATELLITE’ to view this map at FlightAware.com)


(Click on image and select ‘HYBRID VFR’ to view this map at FlightAware.com)

Impacts of this fire include the continued closure of the campgrounds at Andrew Molera State Park and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, as of 9/30/2016.

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