F07-7648: Chronology of Communications with Carlette Young, related to delayed F07-7648 Response

9/19/07 @ 6:40AM..called Connie Toby. I asked status of my 8/28/07 FOIA request; she said it was received and forwarded to WP Region so they can process. She gave me their number (310-725-3750 – which is aeromedical). I asked and she confirmed she is the FOIA person at CAMI. I asked who FOIA is at WP Region; she looked it up and gave me Carlette Young, 310-725-3809.

9/19/07 @ 8:54AM..called Carlette Young ph 310-725-3809. Left voicemail, name and number only, asking for callback.

9/19/07 10:31AM..call back from Carlette Young. She answered many questions including:

  • She is the AWP regional FOIA Coordinator
  • Not sure who the ANM Region FOIA coordinator is … says they change it every week it seems; but, the manager at the office in Renton is Michelle Cook
  • ANM Region is what she calls it, actually meaning Terminal Operations, Western Service Area (WSA-AT-Terminal)
  • FOIA process should work either way… I can send the request direct to office (they are obligated to coordinate it back to FOIA Coordinator) or to Coordinator (who then assigns it to the office, by sending them an Action Item with a date to respond by)
  • FOIA in general… I should get entire ROI, maybe not get Accountability Board internal notes, should be able to get T&A submittal forms each Pay Period as signed by Jason Ralph to approve my LWOP (in my absence)
  • My letter to Connie Toby was forwarded, and Carlette Young assigned it out in three letters: to the security office for the ROI, to medical for my medical records, and to “NM Region” for forwarding to Jason Ralph for “additional data” cited; deadline to respond set at 10/16
  • My letter to Gwen Marshall was assigned to HR; respond by 10/16

9/21/07..received letter from Carlette Young, AWP FOIA. For 9/2 FOIA request to Gwen Marshall questions related to Accountability Board case. Assigned FOIA 2007-007648.

9/24/07..letter to Carlette Young, AWP. New FOIA request seeking information and documentation related to the 2/13/07 Violence in the Workplace teleconference. Attachment: pg-1 of Goodman 7/23/07 letter. (was later accepted and became F08-0107)

9/25/07 8:42AM..called Carlette Young. Left voicemail asking she please call back. She called back later and from our discussion she noted Jason Ralph may have forwarded his FOIA request to WSA in Renton; I need to call Jene Zullo to confirm receipt or non-receipt.

10/8/07 8:30AM..called Carlette Young, left voicemail. Please call back so I can determine distribution of 9/24 FOIA request.

10/12/07 8:40AM..called Carlette Young, left voicemail. Noted I had called on Monday, asked she please call back so I can determine progress on my FOIA requests.

10/23/07 9:30AM..called Carlette Young. Asked her about status of FOIA requests, said I was especially concerned about the one to Connie Toby forwarded to her, a part of which was sent to Aerospace Medicine. She asked and I gave her the tracking number: 7547. She looked it up and said I should have already heard from them. She will check into it and call me back.

10/23/07 2:47PM..called Carlette Young, left voicemail. Told her I was checking back as I had not heard from her. Asked her please call back; also alerted her to her having a voicemail message for being away the previous week.

Big time break. I regained my medical clearance and thought my multiple FOIA requests were likely no longer necessary, as I expected an imminent return to work. I liked the idea, too, of not bugging the FOIA coordinators (let them do their jobs, not bog down on my requests that management was causing so many problems over). 

4/30/08 9:07AM..called Carlette Young and left voicemail. Asked her to call back re: FOIA 2007-007648, so I can find out status in her records and hopefully close my file.

7/21/08 1259..called Carlette Young, seeking backup number for WSA FOIA. She gave me number.

8/5/08 1118..called Carlette Young, left voicemail. Noted we had talked a few times in the past year and a half and asked she call back ASAP as I have questions about the status of FOIA requests mailed last September. Gave name/number twice. No call was returned; I called again 8/6. I was hoping to establish status of the Gwen Marshall FOIA (F07-7648), and who AWP-4 is. (I later learned: Carlette Young is AWP-4).

8/6/08 1127..called Carlette Young, left voicemail. I noted I had called yesterday and left a voicemail but had not heard back. Said I would like her to call so I can find out the status of a FOIA request I filed with her nearly a year ago. Wished her a good day. Gave name/number twice. I expect return call.. see 8/5 notes. call back rcvd 8/6.

8/6/08 1432..Carlette Young called back. She is just back from being in OKC, so was scrambling (like me) to find records her substitute had been keeping in her absence. I refreshed her on my FOIA to Gwen Marshall (F07-7648) which I had mailed on 9/2/07. I noted her reply a couple weeks later, my letter 11/10/07, and then no response from her. I asked her to explain. She looked up the file and read a note that it had been “closed, other office” on 4/2/08…and she asked, roughly, “didn’t you get a letter from HR?” This was the same comment I had heard from Geneva Renz at ANM. I said ‘no’, then explained Geneva’s comments and how “other office” likely goes back to WSA and the email from Jene Zullo I never replied to (thinking it wasn’t necessary, as I was medically recertified and expected a letter imminently to return to work). Perhaps, after 30 days with no reply, someone said close all the FOIAs? I asked who would have sent me the letter; she described a “no records” type letter that would have said the closure was decided by Angela Brooks (HR mgr, AWP-10) and William Withycombe (AWP Regional Administrator). She added, LOB prepares the letter, then gives it to the Regional Administrator to sign. Angela Boone recently retired, so has a replacement, but Carlette does not know yet who the replacement is. Carlette forwarded me on to HR (310-725-7800) and I explained the info I needed; I was told the new acting manager is Karen Pecchia. As she was out of office, I left a message (name/number, to please call as I have a question about why my FOIA was closed on 4/2 without my notification). I also asked Carlette to email me a copy of the cryptic “closed by other office” note, and gave her my email address. I pressed the point a couple times, I still could not understand how my 9/2/07 letter could NOT generate any response until the silent closure on 4/2/08. I asked, did she get my 11/10/07 letter; she confirmed, yes. To clarify, I asked who the FOIA was actioned to … who is AWP-4? Carlette Young said she is AWP-4. I commented that, given it was in-processed by late September, given that I clearly cited a solid record, the case file per the AB Order, this should have been easy…I should have received a letter and copies easily before 11/1/07 (and in compliance with FOIA). She agreed. In closing, I also noted if she saw any other documents I might find helpful, please email them, too. I expect an email with attachments from Carlette; I also expect Carlette to initiate a new copy of the FOIA closure letter (if not received, I need to press for it ASAP). I expect a return call from Karen Pecchia.

8/7/08 0828..call from 310-725-7841 (doh!, did not note her name!), an FAA employee calling me for Karen Pecchia. I explained my FOIA to Gwen 9/2/07 and the history of correspondence, and talking to Carlette Young yesterday, and how Carlette Young had referred me on to Karen Pecchia. Caller noted Karen Pecchia is manager for HR, Employee Services; I clarified, noting I had been told Angela had retired, and caller clarified, no, Angela is away at a conference and Karen Pecchia is simply acting for her this week. (I teased that if they are friends, caller needs to give Carlette Young a hard time about telling me Angela was retired). Caller said she will call Carlette Young and also research to try to find the letter I should have received…which she promises to email (address provided) later today (or call if any delay). I expect email copy of letter or return call. Called back at 1430. Found no letter, and had not yet found Carlette Young either. Will try again tomorrow.

8/18/08 0944..letter from Andy Richards, received via FedEx. The letter was printed with a Concord ATCT letterhead but was mailed priority overnight from SFO, setting a firm date of 8/23/08 for my removal rebuttal to the removal proposal. The letter also advised that any further info requests must be done via FOIA and sent to Carlette Young.