9/8/10: new FOIA filing

9/16/10: ACK

10/18/10: Response, full-denial, signed by William Withycombe (1p).

11/12/10: Appeal (4p)

11/23/10: Appeal ACK, signed by Mary Thompson.

7/15/11: letter signed by Melanie Yohe, advising Remand back to AWP.

10/14/11: Remand Response

11/8/11: Appeal (of Remand Response)

11/15/11: Appeal ACK (for Remand Response)

5/10/13: Appeal Response, signed by Victoria Wassmer.


  1. FAA still has not produced the excessive redactions. Hundreds of pages are due.
  2. p.2 of 10/14/11 remand response declares officials’ names are provided (not redacted); this demonstrates the correct data presentation, yet they continued to botch this standard.
  3. Item #14 in the Remand Response is a 7-page arbitration decision (date: 12/13/08) by Tamoush, sustaining FAA’s 30-day suspension against the ONT controller. This is a clear example of how far NATCA has gone to selectively defend even retired members with clearly unwinnable grievances.