F13-4161 Response (49p, rcvd 6-5-13)

Index sheet

Pg.1-2: FOIA Response cover letter, signed by David Suomi

Pg.21-24: 2/9/12 at 1548 email from Bobby Rodriguez to Mark Wilson and Jay Barrett, with cc to Aletha Hicks-Moffatt. Attached were two PDF’s: a draft settlement as signed by Rodriguez on 2/9/12, and a 24-page CASTLE Records packet.

Pg.49: 2/9/12 at 1244 email from Mark Wilson to Bobby Rodriguez, with cc to James Barrett.


  1. Of the 47-pages attached, pages 21-24 indicate the substitution of an attachment to an email. Page 21 is an email sent on 2/9/12 by FAA’s agent for the arbitration, Bobby Rodriguez. This emails shows icons and lists two PDF attachments. One of those attachments is a copy of the settlement agreement. The problem is that the copy attached here, at pages 22-24, has all signatures and is dated 2/13/12 … which is four days AFTER the email sent. A FOIA Appeal is necessary to obtain a true copy of this attachment (the Settlement Agreement in its earlier version, prior to signature by NATCA’s arbitration representative).
  2. A second problem is the evident cherry-picking of his records, done by Bobby Rodriguez. This FOIA Response had many connections to the F12-7293 FOIA Response, yet it produced new records (i.e., these same records should have been produced in November 2012, as part of the F12-7293 Response). The implication is that Mr. Rodriguez has many other emails, which he is hiding and needs to reveal. This point needs to be pressed with the Appeal.