7/31/11: new FOIA filing

8/1/11: ACK (and two other ACK’s)

11/9/11: Response (CSA-ATO portion); 77-pages, signed by Teresa Bruner.

  • Pg.1-2: FOIA Response cover letter
  • Pg.3-7: Transcript of Phone Conversation with the Ham Operator, 4/17/11 ~2:00AM
  • Pg.8-9: management email, Charles Allaman to Robert Smith, 4/18/11 at 0746
  • Pg.10-11: Management statement by OM Jon Crouch, 4/17/11
  • Pg.12-24: Weingarten Interview of ATCS Wayne Manifold, 4/20/11
  • Pg.25-37: Weingarten Interview of ATCS #2 (names redacted), 4/20/11
  • Pg.38-44: Weingarten Interview of ATCS Dave Adams, 4/25/11
  • Pg.45-51: Weingarten Interview of ATCS #3 (names redacted), 4/25/11
  • Pg.52-58: Weingarten Interview of ATCS Jason Lowery, (form only; not conducted)
  • Pg.59-65: Weingarten Interview of ATCS #4, (form only; not conducted)
  • Pg.66-67: Draft memo, Vincent Shobe to Paul Sheridan, (form only; not conducted)
  • Pg.68 & 71: Overall Timeline for DVD Incident
  • Pg.70: Initial Synopsis of DVD Incident
  • Pg.72-73: MBI re: Electronic Devices Prohibition, 12/23/10
  • Pg.74-75: MBI re: Electronic Devices Prohibition, 1/12/10
  • Pg.76 & 69: VADER22 Communications Timeline, 4/17/11
  • Pg.77: Notes: “To Be Briefed at Weather Briefings”

11/22/11: Response (FAA-HQ-HR Office portion); 45-pages, signed by John McFall.

  • Pg.1-2: FOIA Response cover letter
  • Pg.3-4: VADER22 Communications Timeline, 4/17/11
  • Pg.5-9: Transcript of Phone Conversation with the Ham Operator, 4/17/11 ~2:00AM
  • Pg.10: Overall Timeline for DVD Incident
  • Pg.11-14: Weingarten Interview of ATCS #1 (heavily redacted), 4/18/11
  • Pg.15-16: MBI re: Electronic Devices Prohibition, 12/23/10
  • Pg.17: Initial Synopsis of DVD Incident
  • Pg.18: Overall Timeline for DVD Incident
  • Pg.19: MBI Briefing and Area 5 grid, 11/20/09
  • Pg.20: MBI Briefing and Area 5 grid, 11/2/10
  • Pg.21-36: Management Inquiry, 4/20/11
  • Pg.37-39: FLM Statement re: DVD Incident, 4/17/11
  • Pg.40: Synopsis of DVD Incident
  • Pg.41: (copy) Synopsis of DVD Incident
  • Pg.42-45: MBI Briefing and Area 5 grid, 1/12/10

12/23/11: Appeal

1/11/12: Appeal ACK, signed by Mary Thompson.

6/3/13: Appeal Response, signed by Victoria Wassmer. 4-pg cover letter plus 4-pgs attached. On Appeal, it was concluded that excessive redactions had been made. The Appeal Response attachment was a 4-page handwritten ‘Weingarten Investigation’, which appears to be handwritten notes compiled by Laura Vilagi as she interviewed the controller who had the hot mic problem on 4/18/11.


  1. This FOIA Response serves as an example of “almost” minimal redaction. Many of the same records were produced by both the CSA office and FAA HQ office. Inconsistencies were resolved with the delayed Appeal Response, validating that nearly all info should be revealed to conform with FOIA.
  2. This FOIA Response continues to improperly redact names of management officials involved in official conduct of an investigation. Those names need to be revealed. See especially ‘Management Inquiry’ (pg.21-36 of the 11/22/11 response). See also pg.37-39 and pg.40-41.