FOIA Lawsuits

At present, two FOIA lawsuits have been filed at the U.S. District Court in Portland, Oregon. Both lawsuits cited numerous FAA failures to comply with the FOIA laws. Here are links:

  • aiR-LinkFOIA Lawsuit 3:11-CV-01458-AC
    …filed December 5, 2011. Judge Acosta granted FAA’s motion for summary judgment and the case was closed in January 2013. It did produce a few previously-concealed FAA records, as well as a Vaughn Index and a valuable judicial statement following an in camera review.
  • aiR-LinkFOIA lawsuit 3:13-CV-0992-HZ
    …filed June 14, 2013. Fourteen FOIA requests were cited in detail, seeking to compel FAA to fully comply with the FOIA laws. Six months later, FAA provided a ‘Response’ containing 2,114 pages in PDF format on a DVD. A detailed analysis was returned to FAA, demanding production of hundreds of specific FAA records responsive to each FOIA request.