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A good overview of FOIA is viewable at Wikipedia.

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FAA Order 1270.1. One of the requirements under the FOIA laws passed by Congress is that agencies must produce a document that defines how they manage their FOIA program. Key areas include:

para. 30: FOIA Request Requirements
para. 32: Time Limits
para. 34: FAA FOIA Release Policy and Duty to Segregate
para. 42: Services For Which Fees Are Charged
para. 46: Fee Waivers & Fee Reductions
Chapter 5: Decision Letters
para. 54: Appeals
para. 60: FOIA Annual Report

Contact page at
The current FOIA Public Liaison is Ms. Melanie Yohe, at ARC-40 in Washington, DC; tel. (202) 267-7799.

OGIS is the Office of Government Information Services, and functions as an ombudsman on Federal FOIA matters.

Your Right To Federal RecordsA guide produced by FCIC, which is the Federal Citizen Information Center. The FAQ’s are particularly helpful. Link directs to a PDF copy of the July 2011 version.

A  page much like a FOIA clearinghouse, as compiled by  Numerous FOIA requests have been made to MSPB, OSC, and FAA. Some are likely relevant to readers.

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Be persistent with your FOIA requests, and try to keep clear records, in case your agency fails and tries to run you in circles. Most of all, understand that FOIA is a critical element of the U.S. democratic process; citizens need to be informed, and aware of the work being done (or not done) by federal employees (and their contractors), and Congress had this need squarely in mind when they passed FOIA in the mid-1960’s.

And, if you need any assistance or a second opinion on a FOIA problem, please do not hesitate to send an email to the site administrator (please use the Contact tab).