How to Search for Downloadable Reference Materials

Archived records include Press Releases, news articles, transcripts, emails, diagrams, maps, photos, relevant material from former websites, etc. Archived materials may be saved as separate webpages, or as uploaded media (normally PDF). The normal aiREFORM search function (box at top-right corner of webpages) can be used to search for specific subject matter. If you know the date, try a search using this date format: YEAR hyphen 2-digit month hyphen 2-digit day (e.g., 1998-08-17). If you are ‘fuzzy’ about the precise date of a record, try searching with a more generalized date (e.g., 1998-08, for the example above).

Please note that, while many records have been uploaded to the website, there are thousands of others that are offline. If you find a record listed or indexed on the website, but cannot locate a copy to view, you are welcome to request a copy, which will likely be provided. If you have records you believe should be added to the aiREFORM collection, please let us know. Or, if you would appreciate tips on how to conduct your research, help is available here. Just contact the aiREFORM site administrator.