AIPs at Work

Aviation Impact People, when at work, can harm by simply doing their jobs…

…by conforming excessively with the flow, even when that ‘flow’ is corrupted.

…by failing to speak out to correct failures, out of fear that doing so might harm their own personal bottom line.

But, seriously, does the Planet of the Apes story line relate to Aviation Impacts and the need for reform at FAA? Absolutely. This series of movies presented a futuristic story where society had devolved into hostile factions, where brute force and intimidation ruled, and where nonconformity was fatal. Very much as we are seeing with the growing disparity of power around aviation. As revealed by the ongoing history of retaliation against whistleblowers. As revealed by the increasing frustration of airport neighbors, who speak up but are not heard during rigged citizen participation related to airport expansion projects. And, as revealed by FAA’s extraordinary habit of delaying and obfuscating so as never to inconvenience the moneyed interests in today’s aviation: the airlines, the aviation manufacturers, or themselves.

People are Inherently, Individually Good

Frankly, we have to believe in the inherent good of people; the prospect that people are inherently evil is just too depressing.

It is better to see good than to dwell on the bad. But, the problem is that modern, corporate structures simply overwhelm the capacity for individuals to stand up for what is right. Our modern lives, as being redefined within the context of a ‘global economy’, are thoroughly structured around a need for money. We need to draw regular paychecks, and fear the possibility of losing what we have, so most of us dull our principles and learn to keep a low, yes-man profile. Indeed, it seems we are increasingly inclined to self-criticize, to find unacceptable those moments when our heart is saying ‘something is wrong with this’. Those negative thoughts; the ‘ignore-the-little-man-behind-the-curtain’ echoes in our heads, reminding us it is better to be blind and mute.

The Good in a Person is defined by their Acts

An AIP is a VIP in the power-world of aviation. Aviation Impact People may be good people, and some of them do have remarkable and ethical personal qualities. But, for a few AIPs, the actions they take (or fail to take), when viewed with an expectation that they should be accountable, may show less good than they had intended at the start of their career. Aviation is noted for its enormous marketing effort, always seeking to put on a positive spin while helping people not notice the negative. This spin is so powerful that it may impede our recognizing that the same few AIPs keep doing the same bad things, over and over again. So, it may be helpful to look more carefully, to see what each AIP does over time. In the process hopefully, we will be heartened to find some really good people working as AIPs.

This portion of seeks to present a chronology of news articles and other records, to show the good – and the not so good – of specific Aviation Impact People. Included are FAA officials, airline executives, and others slinging power in aviation. It is presented simply to inform, and ultimately to spur reform. A considerable amount of effort has gone into collecting and presenting these records, and ensuring their accuracy. Readers are asked, if you find any content that is not factual, or that you otherwise doubt, please promptly advise so that your concerns may be evaluated. Corrections will be promptly made if your concerns have merit.