REFERENCE: NATCA’s National Executive Board

The NATCA Executive Board (NEB) has twelve members, including the President, the Executive Vice President, and the ten Regional Vice Presidents.

20160213scp.. top portion of NATCA NEB webpage, showing Rinaldi-Gilbert pics

(screencap showing the NATCA President and Executive VP)

To read NATCA’s 8-page bio on Mr. Rinaldi, click here.
To read NATCA’s 8-page bio on Ms. Gilbert, click here.

The ten other NEB members are the Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs), currently:

  • Clint Lancaster: Alaskan Regional VP (NAL)
  • Kevin Peterson: Central Regional VP (NCE)
  • Dean Iacopelli: Eastern Regional VP (NEA)
  • Bryan Zilonis: Great Lakes Regional VP (NGL)
  • Mike Robicheau: New England Regional VP (NNE)
  • Doug Pincock: Northwest Mountain Regional VP (NNM)
  • Jim Marinitti: Southern Regional VP (NSO)
  • Andrew LeBovidge: Southwest Regional VP (NSW)
  • Hamid Ghaffari: Western Pacific Regional VP (NWP)
  • Mike MacDonald: Region X VP (NRX)

To view a scrollable PDF with short bios for the ten RVPs, click here.

Note that email addresses are posted for all twelve NEB members.