[ARCHIVE] 2007-04-02: LOA Between Denver TRACON & Mile-Hi Skydiving (5p)

Below is a copy of the 5-page Letter of Agreement (LOA) wherein FAA is authorizing Mile-Hi Skydiving to operate near the Vance Brand Airport [KLMO]. It details the area where they may conduct climbs, with a maximum altitude of 17,900 feet above mean sea level (and when approved by ATC, on a per flight basis). Note page 4 offers an image, a copy of the VFR sectional with black lines added to show the ‘box’ to be used for all flights. Note, too, page 5 lists the three electronic beacon codes and flight callsigns to be used, to aid ATC in identifying and tracking each skydive flight.

The privilege to operate is revocable in the event Mile-Hi Skydiving Center fails to comply with the provisions of this LOA (see pg.1, paragraph 4).

This pop-out view is scrollable, and the PDF copy may be downloaded.

The ‘Operations Area’ is important, as it defines where ATC needs the Mile-Hi planes to climb and descend, so as to be safely separated from other aviation activities. It is also important that Mile-Hi comply, as other pilots need to be able to accurately predict where the Mile-Hi flights operate. If the flights wander over large areas, the probability of a near-midair or actual collision with other aircraft is greatly increased. The KLMO Parachute Operations Area was later revised (date unknown) to be as shown below:20150505cpy.. '20140718_Mile-Hi Flight Box, annotated v2' [KLMO]Note the box extends almost to the airspace over the Boulder Airport, and far to the west. It is unclear why FAA would increase the risk of collisions by allowing Mile-Hi to operate so far away from the Longmont airport, but nonetheless, Mile-Hi takes full advantage: they routinely conduct their climbs as far from their drop zone as possible, in the southeast corner of the box (near Gunbarrel residences) and even well beyond the west edge of the box (around Altona and Heil Valley Ranch). FAA has done nothing to enforce their LOA, or to mitigate skydiving noise impacts.

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