Maps of the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica

This is a two-page reference resource: Arctic Ocean is on this page; Antarctica is on Page Two.

A map, and a list of Arctic locations, commonly mentioned in Climate-Change news:

  • Baffin Bay: waters west of Greenland and east of Baffin Island (Canada)
  • Barents Sea: waters north of Norway and western Russia, to the west of Severnaya Zemlya
  • Beaufort Sea: waters north of Alaska and Canada
  • Chukchi Sea: waters north of the Bering Strait, thus bordering Alaska and eastern Siberia
  • Ellesmere Island: (Canada) northernmost point of North America, to the west of Greenland
  • Franz Josef Land: (Russia) islands on the northeast edge of the Barents Sea
  • Greenland Sea: waters east of Greenland, and north of Iceland
  • Norwegian Sea: waters northwest of Norway, between Barents Sea and North Sea
  • Parry Channel: the natural waterway connecting Baffin Bay with the Beaufort Sea. Lies south of the Queen Elizabeth Islands, and north of Victoria Island and Banks Island.
  • Svalbard: (Norway) islands between Barents Sea and Greenland Sea