News Archive

While a major objective of this website has been to produce an extensively detailed FAA History, current FAA news is also important. So, also presents The aiR Blog, with an aim to document at least a few of the current FAA- and Aviation- news stories. Shorter news items (typically with links, to lead off future research) are posted within the QuickLooks webpage. Please note, this news content is NOT intended to be all-inclusive. Instead, just a handful of news articles are collected each month, so as to illustrate the trends/events of that time period.

Past FAA news has been collected and is archived on the website, including:

  • News Clips: individual news stories, filed by date of the news story. Also includes other dated reference material, such as Airworthiness Directives (AD’s).
  • The aiReport: For much of 2013, a rigorous effort was made to track FAA’s news activities. It was compiled into weekly digests, which were offered as Blog posts.
  • Miscellany: some of the more interesting non-aviation news items are compiled here, usually with photos that capture the significance of the event.