NEWSCLIP-2006-08-22.. CVR Transcript for Crash of Pulkovo Airlines Flight-612

Below is a copy of the English translation for the fatal crash of Pulkovo Airlines Flight-612 near Donetsk, Ukraine, on August 22, 2006. It was copied from a webpage posted at the aviation forum. The original posting was done in early October 2006, by a forum participant using the tag ‘TU204’. It appears that he/she obtained a copy of the cockpit voice recorder (CVR) transcript from Russian authorities, then obtained permission to produce an English translation. Here it is…

I got my hands on the transcript for the ship RA-85185 of Pulkovo Airlines flight 612 that crashed near Donetsk, Ukraine on 22.08.2006. I asked if it was ok to type it out, they said it was ok as long as it stays unaltered. If you want the original (Russian) part of it, look to the bottom.

To be honest, I have never heard as much swearing in my life – almost in every phrase! Not even from my grandfather who, I thought, was the master of profanity swore this much!

I am confident that I translated the transcript pretty well except for the profanity – the Russian vocabulary is much richer than the english so alot of the creative and rather amusing phrases of the captain I had to translate simply to “Fuck”. I APOLOGISE IN ADVANCE FOR THE PROFANITY – I ONLY TRANSLATING WHAT THEY SAID! DON’T KILL THE MESSENGER.

Oh, yes, you are very welcome (now I will go to sleep)

CPT – Captain
NAV – Navigator
TWR – Tower (center)
CREW – unknown (unidentified)
CO – Copilot
ST – Trainee (copilot in training)

11:33:06 CPT: Let’s temporarily go to 400 or whatever, this motherfucker, this is completely fucked up. Yes, ask for 390, otherwise we won’t be able to go around, fuck!
11:33:12,5 [Sound of Angle of Attack alarm (AoA)]
11:33:17 NAV: Changed
11:33:20 NAV: Tower, this is Pulkovo 612
11:33:21 TWR: Pulkovo 612, receiving you.
11:33:22 CPT: Climb, yes?
11:33:24 NAV: Pulkovo 612, temporarily requesting flight level 390.
11:33:28 CPT: Tell him that its pretty shaky.
11:33:34 TWR: Pulkovo 612, cleared for 3-9-0.
11:33:34 NAV: Climbing to 3-9-0 thank you very much, Pulkovo 6-12
11:33:37 CPT: We will still get this fucker (unintelligeble)
11:33:39 CREW: (unintelligeble)
11:33:45 CPT: Where are those (unintelligeble), motherfucker?!
11:34:24 CPT: Holy fuck! That shit is fucking crazy! (referring to the thunder storm – author, aka me)
11:34:27 CPT: Holy fuck!
11:34:32 CPT: She, oh fuck! Fucking bitch, and hail too? Fucking slut! (He referred to the storm as a “she” – author)
11:34:40 CPT: Give me (unintelligeble)
11:34:43 CPT: And where to? Maybe to the side? Igor, move a bit more.
11:34:48 CPT: Igor.
11:34:49 NAV: What?
11:34:49,5 CPT: Maybe to the side? Where else can we get away from her, the slut. (Referring to the storm cloud – author)
11:34:52 CREW: (unintelligeble). No.
11:34:54 CPT: Tell me, did we take 390, Andrew? Eh, this montherfucker (he is not referring to Andrew, just cursing to himself. – author)
11:34:56 ST: Pulkovo 612, we are at flight level 390.
11:35:00,3 CPT: Say something? Ah fuck! (this is when the crew lost control of the aircraft)
11:35:05 CREW: We are descending (unintelligeble)
11:35:06 CPT: Where the fuck are we descending, fucking idiots!
11:35:09 CPT: Full power, fuck!
11:35:10 EN: Full power.
11:35:12 CPT: Tell them that we are fucking descending, fuck!
11:35:13 ST: Descending, Pulkovo 612.
11:35:15,9 [Computer Alarm – AoA]
11:35:17 CPT: Carefull.
11:35:20,9 [Computer Alarm – AoA]
11:35:22 CPT: Watch the bank!.
11:35:23 CREW: At full power .
11:35:24 Signal
11:35:28 NAV: Pulkovo 612, descending to 3-6-0.
11:35:30,8 [Computer Alarm – AoA]
11:35:31 CPT: Say fucking severe terbulance.
11:35:33 NAV: Serious turbulance.
11:35:34 TWR: Pulkovo aircraft, descend 3-6-0.
11:35:36 CPT: Fucking descending!
11:35:38,9 Signal
11:35,37 CREW: (unintelligeble).
11:35:41 CPT: Carefull, we’re all holding it.
11:35:44 CPT: Holding, fuck!
11:35:45 EN: Generators (unintelligeble).
11:35:48 EN: Flameout. Descending. Vanya, flameout. (Vanya is a kind form of “Ivan” – author.)
11:35:55 CPT: (unintelligeble).
11:35:58 CREW: (unintelligeble)
11:36:02 CPT: Watch the speed, speed!
11:36:04 CREW: Well, went down a bit.
11:36:07 CREW: No, normal.
11:36:22 CPT: How much did you say? (referring to G force – author)
11:36:23 NAV: (unintelligeble) 245. (most likely course – author)
11:36:24 CPT: What course, fucking…!
11:36:25 NAV (unintelligeble)
11:36:28 CPT: (unintelligeble)
11:36:28 CREW: I understand
11:36:29 CREW: Only circling.
11:36:31 Crew: Correct
11:36:32 CPT: Vova, c’mon, command. (Vova, the Co-pilot was Russian Champion for aerobatics. At that moment he was standing behind the trainee – author)
11:36:36 NAV: Left, Vanya
11:36:37 CPT: Thats it, Fuck.
11:36:40 CREW: Descending Descending!
11:36:55 CREW: Tell them that we have mayday.
:36:57-11:36:59,6 ST: S0S, 612, SOS…
11:37:01 TWR: Pulkovo 612, I do not understand you.
11:37:02 CPT: Fuck, whats our speed?
11:37:05,2 NAV: S0S, S0S, Pulkovo 612, SOS, SOS, SOS, Pulkovo 612
11:37:06 CPT: What’s our speed? What’s our speed?
11:37:41,9 CREW: (unintelligeble)
11:37:45 CPT: Left, c’mon!
11:37:49,1 CREW: (unintelligeble)
11:37:50,5 CPT: Vova, c’mon help out Andrew?
11:37:55 NAV: Altitude 2000, Vanya, 2000!
11:38:01 CPT: God damnit!
11:38:03 CREW: Forget (unintelligeble)
11:38:04,1 CPT: (unintelligeble) right.
11:38:05,6 EN: (unintelligeble) falling.
11:38:06,9 NAV: Now left, left (unintelligeble).
11:38:07,9 CREW: (unintelligeble).
11:38:09 CREW: I didn’t see it
11:38:09,9 CO: Oh my god…
11:38:11,6 CPT: Pull up, Pull up, Pull up, Pull up! Andrew! Eh, pull up! Pull up Andrew! (unintelligeble)
11:38:20,3 CPT: And now TO power
11:38:21,1 CREW: Left leg, get rid of the bank.
11:38:23,1 CO: (unintelligeble)… don’t kill
11:38:23,7 CPT: Andrew, don’t panic!
11:38:26,5 CREW: Don’t kill! Don’t kill! (most likely trainee Andrew Khodnevich – author)
11:38:27,5 CPT: Fucking terrain!
11:38:28,3 CREW: (unintelligeble)
11:38:30 SCREAM. [end of tape]

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