The aiREPORT (archive)

The aiREPORT provides a random collection of links and concise summaries of news articles relevant to the impact of aviation, as compiled each week. It is presented as a research tool and historical record, aimed at identifying trends, while also revealing strategies repeated by FAA and others. Collections are produced for each quarter.

The aiREPORT format evolved in the first half of 2013, replacing an earlier news/research compilation called UPDATE. Below are links to the quarterly aiREPORT pages, as well as the predecessor UPDATE pages for the first two calendar quarters.

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aiReport notes:

…the aim is to post aiREPORT each Tuesday/Wednesday, within aiREFORM’s FAA-TFR Blog.
…Content is presented as an individual Post within the Blog. The same content is also presented in an accumulated format, within the appropriate aiREPORT Page (e.g. ‘The 2013 aiREPORT’).
…when articles are found at a later date, they are added to the individual Post covering the date of the article, but not to the accumulation Page. Thus, for research purposes, the most complete and updated content is viewable on the individual aiREPORT Posts, not in the accumulation Pages..