[REFERENCE]: Categorical Exclusions (CATEX)

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NextGen Derailed: Here is What NextGen was SUPPOSED to be in late 2004
(aiREFORM.com Post). EXCERPT: DON’T BLAME CONGRESS for the FAA-related legislation they pass. The precise language within NextGen legislation, such as the ambiguous Section 213 passed in early 2012, did not originate with Congress; it was pieced together by FAA and their principal clients, the airlines and manufacturers. When Congress passed the ambiguous language in 2012, FAA then chose to take full advantage of the ambiguity and misapply ‘Categorical Exclusions’ to ignore the public”
¡¿Happy Earth Day, Mr. Huerta?!
(aiREFORM.com Post). Includes excerpts from Section 213 of FAA Modernization & Reform Act Of 2012, where Congress codified that the FAA Administrator was to make the determination as to whether or not ‘extraordinary circumstances’ would void filing of a CATEX.
A Rumble in the Sky, and Grumbles Below
(NYTimes article by Cara Buckley). Discusses KLGA departures via Flushing Climb, TNNIS Climb, and Whitestone Climb. The changes by FAA were imposed using CATEX.
FAA Modernization & Reform Act Of 2012
(aiREFORM.com webpage). Copy of a 145-pg searchable PDF, presented in a scrollable pop-out window. CATEX is discussed only within Section 213.