President Obama’s FY2014 Budget Submission for FAA

Every year, FAA works with the White House to prepare a huge budget document for submission to Congress. Much of the content is simply a cut-and-paste from the previous year, with careful effort by a few FAA finance employees to update and modify as needed, for the new year.

The table below provides an outline of the contents and a page-count for the entire FY2014 Budget Submission, which measured 826-pages total. Blue links lead to scrollable PDF archived copies of the individual sections. Studying these, you can get a clearer sense of how FAA is structured, and you can find plenty of examples of how FAA oversells NextGen and other expensive FAA programs.

Readers are encouraged to browse and study this content, in preparation for the FAA’s Budget Submission for the next Fiscal Year. With good preparation, we’ll be better able to call out the spin and minimize FAA’s budget … which will also reduce aviation impacts.

Table of Contents 4p
Budget Summary Tables 24p
Operations 10p
OPS – Air Traffic Organization (ATO) 68p
Aviation Safety (AVS) 16p
Commercial Space Transportation (AST) 10p
Finance and Management (AFN) 50p
NextGen (ANG) 8p
Human Resources (AHR) 10p
Staff Offices 54p
Facilities & Equipment (F&E) 332p
Research 98p
Grants-in-Aid for Airports (AIP) 72p
Other Information by Appropriation 26p
NextGen 18p
Immediate Transportation Investment (ITI-NextGen) 12p
President’s FY2014 Budget Submission for FAA (full PDF) 826p
PAGE CREATED: 2017-02-01