The 94-page “Report of Investigation’ involved sending an FAA Special Agent up from LA to the Bay Area, for three days of interviews. On the first day, Special Agent James Austin interviewed Manager Jason Ralph, Supervisor Patricia Hardy, and controller John Crabtree. On the second day, he interviewed four controllers: Ken Moyer, James Swanson, Ken Hougey, and NATCA facility representative Bill Marks. On the third day, he interviewed Lewis for three hours.

The different ROI sections are all below, viewable via the blue links. To view the whole ROI (as a 5Mb PDF), use this link: ROI AWP-20070078

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The Boilerplate
Cover page: “Report of Investigation” (for official use only)
Investigative Record Review (control sheet, to be signed for access to copy)
3/27/2007 Memo: ACTION, Request for Investigation, Lewis, Jeffrey, AWP-20070078
ROI, Form 1600-32, AWP-20070078 (investigation was closed 3/28/07)
Citations: HRPM ER-4.1; HROI Table of Penalties
Summary of Findings
Facts: (list of 24 exhibits)
Index of Exhibits: (list of 24 exhibits)
Exhibit 1: Accountability Board Forms, Cases number 20070097, 20070098
Exhibit 2: Employee information
Investigative Interviews
Exhibit 3: Sworn Statement, Neville Jason Ralph, 3/21/07
Exhibit 4: Sworn Statement, Patricia Hardy, 3/21/07
Exhibit 5: Sworn Statement, John Crabtree, 3/21/07
Exhibit 6: Sworn Statement, Kenneth Moyer, 3/22/07
Exhibit 7: Selected Training Records, provided by Ken Moyer (6p)
Exhibit 8: Sworn Statement, William Marks, 3/22/07
Exhibit 9: Sworn Statement, James Swanson, 3/22/07 (see his follow-up interview at Exh. 24)
Exhibit 10: Sworn Statement, Kenneth Hougey, 3/22/07
Exhibit 11: Sworn Statement, Jeffrey Lewis, 3/23/07 (includes Privacy Act Notice)
Main Exhibits
Exhibit 12: Memo, Lewis to Hardy, 2/13/07, My Written Statement for the ROI
Exhibit 13: Agent’s Statement regarding NATCA representation
Exhibit 14: Memo, Hardy, 11/18/06, Record of Conversation (11/15/06 meeting with Lewis)
Exhibit 15: Memo, Hardy, 1/23/07, Letter of Warning (re: 1/22 Lewis migraine, issued on 2/6)
Exhibit 16: Memo, Moyer to Hardy, 1/24/07, Inappropriate Comments in the Workplace
Exhibit 17: Memo, Crabtree to Hardy, 1/24/07, (observations, related to Lewis behavior)
Exhibit 18: Memo, Marks to TWIMC, 1/24/07, RE: Employee J. Lewis
Exhibit 19: Memo, Swanson, 2/11/07, (observations, related to Lewis alleged behavior)
Exhibit 20: Memo, Hardy, 2/13/07, Record of Conversation (1st Weingarten meeting). NOTE: this memo signed by Ralph for Hardy, likely also written by Ralph. Never issued to Lewis.)
Exhibit 21: Memo, Ralph, 2/16/07, Interference with an Official Investigation
Exhibit 22: Memo, Hardy, 2/20/07, Statement on Jeffrey Lewis (RoC for 2/6/07meeting)
Exhibit 23: 2/6/07, Notice to Respondent, signed by Lewis and Hardy
Exhibit 24: Record of Interview, (follow-up sworn testimony, James Swanson)
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