SeaTac’s NorthSTAR Project: The Av-Gov Robber Barons Are on a Roll

Here’s an artist’s rendering of the new facility, as well as an excerpt from the Port’s Press Release, describing it. Try to figure out how the words connect to the graphic. It’s just bizarre.

Excerpt from Port’s News Release: “The design for the North Satellite takes references from the existing airport’s architectural vocabulary of materials, colors and articulated roof forms and creates a strong new addition to the overall airport. Inspired by Washington’s natural environment of native rivers and water, the articulated roof form becomes the signature visual element while functionally bringing daylight to the central circulation spine within….”

Inspired by our native rivers and water? Yeah, right. Just looking at all that concrete and glass and planes, all I can think about is the cool shade of a cedar tree, picking huckleberries next to a gurgling stream, right?

Wrong. Our native condition in the Pacific Northwest once was peace and quiet, none of which is reflected in what the Port, the FAA, and the airlines are doing at SeaTac.