Standing Up for What is Right

In ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, Miss Maudie tries
to help Jem understand what his father has to do:


“There’s some men in this world who are born
to do our unpleasant jobs for us.
Your father is one of them.”

Atticus Finch

It was a black and white world.
Blacks had their place;
Whites had their better place.
…and they were all poor.

The time and place was simple and innocent, or so it seemed.
Jem and Scout grew up to learn that, for all the charm of their tired old
Southern home, underneath hid a seething hatred.

He stood straight against the status quo who sat hunched and conniving,
desperate to sustain that hatred.
He endured great pain.
He acted for tomorrow and for the good of humanity, not for himself.

He was a Whistleblower before his time: Atticus Finch.


Thanks, Harper Lee and Robert Mulligan,
for a great story, and a classic movie!