How aiREFORM Supports Impacted Communities

A key purpose of this website is to provide support to those communities where people are adversely impacted by aviation. Most often, these impacts are happening because of the gross ‘power imbalance’ that has evolved. In particular, we are seeing that FAA serves only its aviation industry ‘stakeholders’, ‘collaborating’ in schemes and projects that enhance industry revenues and profits at the expense of the impacted communities. The ongoing NextGen implementation debacles are a prime example of this FAA regulatory capture.

The impacts primarily fall into three areas: public health, the environment, and the waste/fraud/abuse that has regularly occurred within FAA programs and large aviation projects. These impacts are not only diminishing quality of life and health; they are also destroying the core democratic principles our ancestors worked so hard to weave into the fundamentals of our nation.

Here is a list of common impacts, with blue links to relevant website content:

How aiREFORM Supports Impacted Communities

This website seeks to provide a virtual alliance for aviation-impact activists, while also offering a clearinghouse for aviation-impact documents and information. By taking the time to organize and archive records specific to one airport, we hope to help community leaders at other locations and suffering similar problems, so that they can quickly and precisely define their local aviation impacts. In this way, a balance of power is restored, and victims are able to efficiently take action to properly resolve the impacts.

As this website becomes more fully developed, it will include links to key resources and web-content for each U.S. community that is being impacted by aviation. It will also provide archived materials for past aviation-impact activists and formerly impacted communities.