New aiREFORM page about Office of Special Counsel

The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) was formed in 1978, with passage of the Civil Service Reform Act. OSC has been disappointing federal Whistleblowers ever since, at FAA and at other agencies.

Many good FAA employees have spoken up about safety, fraud, waste and other failures, and some of them have felt the need to turn to OSC for help. There have been some success stories, but these are few and far between. In fact, most FAA Whistleblowers who have asked for OSC’s help have only seen their energy diverted and their morale further destroyed. And, many have lost their jobs while OSC fumbles around for lack of funds to do what Congress intended OSC to do.

True reform at FAA will require effective handling of Whistleblower contributions. This is not happening within today’s FAA (Clay Foushee’s Audit & Evaluation office appears to be just window dressing), so any reform will require a more effective OSC.

A new aiREFORM page has been produced. It provides FAQ’s and links, on the following topics:

  • What is the history and purpose of OSC?
  • Who are the key people within OSC?
  • What is a disclosure, and how do I file it?
  • Can the Public see the record on Disclosures?
  • What is OSC’s process for FAA WB disclosures?
  • How might OSC improve their transparency & performance?
OSC: FAQ’s & links …a link to the page at aiREFORM…