‘We the People’ – Petitioning the White House to End NextGenHell

A petition has been started, asking President Obama to take action, to bring relief to victims of NextGen-related noise in places like Phoenix, Palo Alto, Charlotte, Chicago, Boston, Queens, Seattle, Minneapolis…

…the list goes on and on. And the list keeps growing, as FAA asserts the privilege they coerced out of Congress, to not conduct full environmental review while spending our money adding flawed and impactful NextGen routes. This is a clear-cut example of an aging bureaucracy running amok, serving the airlines at the expense of the citizens.

Signing the petition is simple, but it is a two-step process. First, you need to type in your name, email address and zip code; then, you need to open the email reply and click on the ‘confirm your signature’ link. After completing these two steps, a record of your signature (showing only your initials and location) will appear on the petition webpage. Be advised, it may take a few hours before it appears; I confirmed my signature late on 6/12, and did not see my initials post until daylight on 6/13.

(click on image to view and sign petition)

(click on image to view and sign petition)

I strongly encourage everyone to sign. Hundreds of thousands of residents have been adversely impacted. People are losing sleep and otherwise having health and quality of life destroyed. All this by FAA, an insensitive and unaccountable agency that clearly serves only the money interests related to U.S. airlines. You will not find a more classic example of regulatory capture in the U.S. government today.

Although I hope everyone will sign this petition, I will offer this one thought, because the idea that nothing will be done unless we engage a hundred thousand citizens is troubling.**The FAQs and Terms of Participation at the WhiteHouse.gov website state that a threshold of 100,000 petition signatures must happen within 30-days to compel a response. A petition to ‘Release the recipe for the Honey Ale home brewed at the White House’ collected 12,240 signatures and generated a response, so it would seem that NextGen Noise impacts may be important, too. Has our culture, and our political system, devolved to the point where elected leaders only serve as leaders if they collect an arbitrary threshold of petitioners?

Early in the last decade, did the previous President wait for a petition to collect 100,000 pus signatures before taking us to war, under the pretense of our helping to bring our version of ‘Democracy’ to the Middle East?

Obviously not.

Can President Obama do better than President Bush?

Let’s ‘hope’ so. We need a ‘change’.

When something is wrong, a good and effective leader acts on it. When basic rights are being abused, when people are being subjected to health hazards, when one party takes advantage of another, any good citizen would act immediately to fix the problem. I hope that President Obama agrees, that he needs to sit down immediately with Michael Huerta and Anthony Foxx, and demand immediate corrective action and accountability within FAA.

– Jeff Lewis, aiREFORM.com


A Petition: Delta Airlines Lost Our Dog

With help from FAA, airlines routinely dodge accountability. When they screw up, if a family is hurt, the airlines feel no obligation to make them whole. This is a simple petition, asking that Delta Airlines behave responsibly about the loss of a family dog. Check it out by clicking on the image, and please sign on to help this family get fair treatment by Delta Airlines.
(click on image to view and sign the petition at Change.org)

(click on image to view and sign the petition at Change.org)