The aiREFORM Website has been Updated

This website was started in September 2012. In the intervening months, a lot of content has been created, focused on FAA failures, aviation accidents, airports and air traffic control, the impacts of aviation (especially environmental), and FAA’s horrific history of retaliation against Whistleblowers. Much more will be added, and soon. But, to facilitate continued growth, it has become necessary to adjust and improve the overall website layout.

After considerable effort, the existing content has been re-distributed within a new website layout. As such, readers who use bookmarks may find occasional dead links. All content has been retained, so the web address within your stored bookmark may be obsolete. As always, you can find the existing webpage using the search/query box (top right corner of the web pages). For example, if you want to see the analysis of the 435-page FOIA response, “Detailed FOIA Response on FAA’s Accountability Board”, just write ‘accountability board’ in the box and the search function will take you to the correct link and page.

Alternatively, please spend a minute exploring the many links built into the more intuitive Menu Bar, across the top of the aiR web pages.

Thanks for your patience. Hope the information is helpful!