There is no safe level of lead exposure

A hearing on aviation lead was held on February 28, 2014, before the New York City Council Committee on Environmental Protection. One of the presenters was Alok Disa, Earthjustice Litigation Assistant. Here is a link to an online video. Here is a link to a PDF of his presentation. And, here is his concluding statement:

“Avgas is the leading contributor to lead air pollution in this country. There is no safe level of lead exposure. Taken together, those two facts demand an aggressive policy limiting every source of lead. EPA has the authority to remove lead from aviation fuel across the country. We urge the Council and the wider environmental justice community to press EPA to end the years of delay and to take the immediate action necessary to protect the health of our communities.”

Here is an index with hearing times, for comments related to aviation and lead:

time Note
0.13.29 a brief mention of Federal preemption in addressing aviation environmental concerns
1.45.00 an explanation of what ‘environmental justice’ means, in the NYC area
 3.09.30  testimony by Alok Disa (4-minutes)