These days, there IS such a thing as ‘a Free Lunch’

Congress has done it again, proving their bipartisan support for monied individuals and corporate wealth. Here we are, deep in a pandemic with millions facing an imminent eviction wave as well as growing food insecurity. So, why not add language to a temporary aid package, that allows 3-martini lunches (and other business meal expenses) to be paid fully (as in 100%!) by the taxpayers?! The outgoing President wants it (some of those meals will be procured at his businesses); so, WHY NOT? (see article at Boston Globe, or PDF copy here)

This has been a grueling year. It seems that not a minute passes without yet one more surreal news item or troubling tweet. Somehow, a more hopeful core within makes me ‘hope’ this is a fake news story. But, it likely is not. It is just like the pattern of corporate-welfare and capital-welfare we have so long seen within aviation. Two examples:

  1. federal tax rules for accelerated depreciation and bonus depreciation coddle concentrated wealth, enticing those with larger income tax bills to instead spend those taxes buying jets and helicopters AT PUBLIC EXPENSE.
  2. lobbyists have pushed legislation, passed in so many states, that waives sales taxes for aviation-related expenses such as maintenance, creating the absurd reality that a minimum-wage parent with a beater car pays sales tax for an oil change, but the owner of a small plane (mostly older, mostly white, mostly male, and flown mostly recreationally) pays ZERO sales tax as a privilege.

As Bob Dylan would sing, The Times They Are A-Changin’. Conditions are getting worse in the U.S., economically, for those who do not have money reserves. Yet, the same duopoly that panders to aviation and the White House holds the majority hostage while serving out more for the most elite wealth. Will our electeds at any level come around to taking care of people first, before money? Reforming aviation is a great place to start.

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