Those Hypocritical Pickpockets (…all represented by lobbyist Airlines for America!)

Jim Hightower does a great job shining a bright light on absurdities in our modern life. He is a Texan, a progressive, a creative thinker, with a knack for pulling laughs out of even the driest people.

In his latest article, he takes aim at the greed and hypocrisy that compels our four remaining ‘major’ passenger airlines to nickel and dime on all sorts of fees. Here’s a scrollable PDF copy:

Click on the image below for a scrollable view; the PDF file may be downloaded.

Now, this is extremely hypocritical, because the lobbyist for the U.S. airlines, Airlines for America, is chronically pressing Congress to end fees and taxes that are used to fund ATC, build infrastructure, and maintain safety. Their main argument is that the fees depress public demand. Huh; might bag fees, change fees, obsolete fuel surcharges, and other ‘airline’ profit-generating schemes actually be discouraging people away from flying?