Three Months above 400ppm

Geologists are confident that, going back to at least 800,000 years ago, the CO2 in our Earth atmosphere has never exceeded 300ppm … or at least not until AFTER mankind started creating CO2 by burning coal, oil and natural gas. When measurements were started in Mauno Loa, in 1958, the annual peak for CO2 was 315ppm. As shown by the graph below, for the past week, the daily average has remained above 400ppm.

So, we are now maintaining 400ppm, and based on the consistent trends for data collected since 1958, we will not fall below 400ppm CO2 until sometime in July. We will maintain this level for three months this year, but next year, it will be for eight or nine months. Starting in 2016 (or even in late 2015), we will remain above 400ppm year-round. We will remain there until decades after we finally figure out:

…when (and how) will we get control
of our addiction to fossil fuels?

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography updates this online graph everyday.